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NYFW: Living Large With A Micro Bag

This season, it’s time to live large with a micro bag. Despite its functionality (or lack thereof), micro and itsy bags are all the rage on the streets of New York Fashion Week. 

It is definitely a play on size when you choose to have a miniature bag to finish the look. There’s no surprise that itsy bags would be the trend this time round based on historical trends like large chunky sneakers, oversized sunglasses, and cutesy watches. 

A couple of reasons why these itsy micro bags are a hit might be its cute factor, the fact that it’s easy to match with any outfit, or simply because of its lightness. Swinging an adorably tiny carry-on wherever I go, without a care in the world? Sign me up!

Here are a couple of itsy bags that are most desirable this season:

#1. Balenciaga Ville Top Handle XXS 

It’s cute and ultra light! Looking at its itsy size, you’d think this bag could fit nothing, but in fact you’ll be surprised at what it can hold. 

What we love about this bag is its sturdiness–made from calfskin, it’s durable and easy to maintain. It also easily holds your necessities, like your mobile, a small wallet, lip balm, keys and even a packet of tissue. That’s a mighty lot for a micro bag to handle! 

Try the Balenciaga Ville Top Handle XXS: Join the Designer Bag Subscription Waitlist here.

#2. Saint Laurent Mateless Lou Waist Bag

When you talk about micro bags, you certainly can’t leave out the belt bag. Saint Laurent Mateless waist bag is light, tiny and most importantly, it is hands-free! 

Having it around your waist doesn’t even add weight. It can hold all your necessities and helps when you’re reaching for your small items like your lip-balm or your credit cards. A really chic and trendy alternative for days where you want to go handsfree, and an added cinch to your waist!

Try the Saint Laurent Mateless Lou Waist Bag: Join the Designer Bag Subscription Waitlist here.

#3. Prada Mini Saffiano 

The Prada Saffiano works hard, but the Mini Saffiano works harder. Like the Balenciaga’s XXS, the miniature fun-sized Prada is a great add-on to any weekend or party look.  Because of its durable material, it holds well on its own, yet lightweight and lovely to have on. 

This version comes in various colours, and they’re easy to match with!

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#4. Saint Laurent Chain Wallet

Too big for a wallet, too itsy for a bag. This Saint Laurent Chain Wallet is the perfect micro clutch you can ask for– it’s light, easy to hold, and comes with a chain for added versatility. 

It, too, comes with various colours, but who could resist a crisp white look! Going for a white may warrant more care but it does make a beautiful contrast against this season’s bold colourful trends! 

Try the Saint Laurent Chain Wallet: Join the Designer Bag Subscription Waitlist here.

We love the cute, the micro and itsy-ness of these bags. If you love it too, check out our top picks for micro bags from the Style Theory Infinite Bag Wardrobe:

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