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#TodayIDiscover – Power
For most, we meet with power on a daily basis when we meet with authority figures at work or prominent figures in our own circles. The atmosphere changes when they walk into a room or whenever they evoke a sense of inimitable confidence. But, it’s 2019 and things have changed.
As we step into a new year of great promise, we’ve worked for the chance to take the reins and be in power to impact what matters most to you — you.
anabel chew wears MILAN TOP by Elliatt
From the Infinite Wardrobe: MILAN TOP by Elliatt
Community and the freedom of speech is power. When you have the power to accept yourself, others get inspired and encouraged by the positive energy. – Anabel Chew, co-founder of WeBarre
Leading a team of women isn’t easy. In fact, building her brand WeBarre–a boutique Barre studio for women to better themselves is daunting and challenging in Singapore’s expanding fitness and lifestyle business landscape. But growing the community and inspiring confidence are a few of things Anabel finds most rewarding.
For #girlboss Anabel, when you put yourself where you want to be, and not because you have to be, you change the game. Sharing her vision with Style Theory, Anabel is all for defining yourself and your worth on your own terms and redefining society’s conventional terms of power and expression.
Anabel Chew wears Co-ords Milan Top and Milan Skirt by Elliatt
From the Infinite Wardrobe: Co-ords Milan Top and Milan Skirt by Elliatt

#TodayIDiscover fosters the confidence you can own and change, whenever you want to, simply because you can. It is through the self-expression of wearing what you like with the knowledge of what works for you and flaunting a style-confidence that comes from understanding your power as a woman in your workplace and community.


Power fashion doesn’t just mean pantsuits or shoulder pads. Power dressing has transformed to an extension of how you are feeling or want to feel for any particular day, both inside and outside of the workplace.

Never tried soft lace textures? Work it with pencil skirts. Want to try a bold lipstick? Sure. The ball’s in your court and it’s when you realize that you’ve unlocked your own code of power and fashion freedom. It’s your new daily commitment to express yourself.

It’s liberating to be whoever you want to be and wear what you like when you make your own rules and take control of your voice, your style identity, and your power. Get up, dress up, and show up.

Anabel Chew wearing Keepsake Rhythm Lace Top and Skirt
From the Infinite Wardrobe: Keepsake Rhythm Lace Top and Skirt

Joining the Women of Style Theory, Anabel is all about being unlimited and changing her style game. Whether she wants to feel sexy one day or strong another, she takes charge of her personal style journey to express herself! The Women of Style Theory are no longer held back by fashion and are liberated to be whoever they want to be, and wear what they like. That’s girl power right there!

From the Infinite Wardrobe: MAGNETISE SHORT SLEEVED DRESS by Cameo

Live a life unlimited where you can enjoy the freedom to express and evolve without being held back by the limitations of a traditional wardrobe. When you unlock the Infinite Wardrobe, you open a door to a new way of life — an endless journey of self-discovery.

Be inspired by Anabel’s personal definition of power and power-inspired styles at the workplace and beyond. Explore the curation by Anabel at Style Theory Capsule pop-up store.

With Style Theory, expand your smart wardrobe with over 20,000 designer outfits dry-cleaned, pressed and ready to wear! You don’t have to clutter your wardrobe with under-utilized outfits that you no longer love. Save prime wardrobe space for outfits that inspires and encourages your newfound power!

Enjoy variety and wardrobe freedom without adding to the clutter when you rent, wear, repeat.

Inspired by Anabel’s picks? Rent the collection from the Infinite Wardrobe here or visit the pop-up store at:

Style Theory Capsule
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