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Synonymous with sneakerheads and the street cool factor, streetwear has been made popular and endorsed by musicians, artists, fashion rebels and followers alike. Streetwear culture has been seen as the antidote to wider fashion trends such as counterculture skate scene, surf crowd and hip hop aficionados.

Streetwear has also been a gateway fashion for those who were previously “not allowed” to show interest in fashion—men. With gender lines are blurred when it comes to streetwear, casual attire like jeans and sneakers are becoming more acceptable in boardrooms.

With multiple independent designers and cult labels coming to Singapore, streetwear is fast gaining popularity with strong inspiration and influence from the streets of Tokyo, Seoul, London, and even New York City.

What is streetwear?

Streetwear is not a particular trend within fashion but a component within a culture shift that spans music genres, fashion, and art. Made popular by rappers and style icons, like Pharrell Williams and Kanye West, streetwear goes beyond oversized hoodies, bold logos and tongue-in-cheek branding.

From the Infinite Wardrobe: Ville Top Handle M Black by Balenciaga

While streetwear is by-and-large an insider game, it is the very community that initiates new trendsetters and promote streetwear to the level of inclusivity and accessibility at the same time.

How to work streetwear-inspired pieces with your wardrobe?

The beauty of streetwear is the unassuming approach to designs from different style genres from the Infinite Wardrobe to make it your own.

Four things we look out for when it comes to streetwear elements:

1. It’s all about proportions

Love the layers but how do you beat the heat? Play up your look with proportions and athletics-inspired details from streetwear channel effortless confidence.

Cheat the lines with cropped tops, flare pants, oversized blazers and bomber jackets that are very much borrowed from the boys, yet feminine. The exaggerated silhouette makes for a great androgynous look that’s not only accessible but also timeless.

2. Go big on graphics

Slogan tees and XXL prints are part of streetwear DNA so opt for accessories that are not-so-subtle when it comes to silhouettes and prints. We love mixing prints, though it’s important to keep to the same family of prints like check-on-checks but play it up with size and colours.

If you’re less than adventurous, go for large graphic text to make a statement.

3. Material matters.

Three of the easiest materials to inject streetwear into your wardrobe are:

  • Denim overalls
  • Nylon bomber jackets
  • Canvas sneakers

Play up the heavy-duty denim if you want something more structured or lightweight bomber jackets if you want volume without the weight. Or simply achieve effortless cool with everyday basics—white sneakers.

Need to bring around more than your essentials? Opt for calf leather crossbody bags in unconventional shapes for form-meets-function streetwear accessory.

4. Accessorising: More is more.

It’s the little things that pull the look together. From a subtle one-colour bucket hat to a wide-strapped monogram cross-body bag, it’s easy to inject streetwear luxe into your outfit.


If you’re going for a top-handle bag for work, choose one with hardware embellishments that add street luxe. Animal motifs are also largely popular with the Gucci crowd, so rent from Alessandro Michele’s signature works or bold logo options from Louis Vuitton and Nicolas Ghesquière.

From the Infinite Wardrobe: Webby Bee Crossbody Red by Gucci

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