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LFW: Boxy Bags To Try For The Occasion

If you love the idea of structures and sturdiness–this article is for you! Besides itsy and cute bags walking the streets of New York, you also get to see edgy bags flooding the walkways of London. 

Boxy bags are lovely to look at, but are they easy to pull off? Some people may feel boxy bags are difficult to carry or they look too structured and finally the misconception that boxy bags have less functionality. In actual fact, there’s a bag for every occasion! 

If you’re going for a movie, travelling in Europe, or even going for a posh event, we’ve got your box covered.

#1. Work

Let’s start easy. A work bag is best when it already has structure, so a boxy bag would definitely be perfect for this occasion. You would want a bag that looks work appropriate and of a certain size to be able to fit your work essentials. 

Gucci Animalier Leather Top Handle

The Gucci Animalier Top Handle is chic and sleek. The best part? Its structure. It stands well on its own and doesn’t sag everywhere! It’s simple to access your items from this style and great when you’re working on-the-go as well. 

It also comes with a shoulder strap, if you wish to wear it by your shoulders. 

Try the Gucci Animalier Leather Top Handle before you buy to see if it fits your work lifestyle and essentials: Join the Designer Bag Subscription Waitlist here.

#2. Weekend

When there is work, there will always be play! Regardless of what your weekend shenanigans are, having a light and hands-free bag would be ideal. 

Quilted Lambskin Boy Chanel

This compact Quilted Lambskin Boy Chanel comes in bright turquoise can be a fun bag to have on the weekends! You can place important items like your phone, wallet and portable charger– pretty much all you need on a weekend movie date or dinner with friends.

Carry it crossbody for an easy walkabout during your weekend activities! 

Try the Chanel Quilted Lambskin Boy Bag before you buy to see if it fits your weekend lifestyle and essentials: Join the Designer Bag Subscription Waitlist here.

#3. Travel

One of the most important occasions is travelling! We could wake up at 4am to catch a flight but can’t resist snoozing our alarms more than three times on a Monday work morning. When travelling, structured bags might seem too heavy to have, but one lightweight boxy bag we recommend you rent is the Balenciaga Bazar Shopper. 

Balenciaga Bazar Shopper

This shopper is a perfect size to have while walking around the night market or shopping streets. It’s sturdy structure isn’t compromised despite being so light–it’s everything you can ask for in an easy travelling bag. 

Try the Balenciaga Bazar Shopper for your travels before you buy to see if it fits your lifestyle and essentials: Join the Designer Bag Subscription Waitlist here.

#4. Event

Boxy bags may seem too structured for events like weddings, gala or dinner parties. But they’re pretty perfect if you pair your gala dresses with a colourful and compact boxy bag. 



Gucci Dionysus Shoulder Bag


The Gucci Dionysus Shoulder Bag in emerald green gives you the edge and a pop of colour as well. This bag isn’t an accessory, it’s the main event! 

It’s a great size for party events like weddings, enough for your wallet, phone and lipstick for touching up. 

Try the Gucci Dionysus Shoulder Bag for your events before you buy to see if it fits your lifestyle and essentials: Join the Designer Bag Subscription Waitlist here.

There you have it: a boxy bag for each occasion, the key is to try and see if the bag fits your activities. If you’re unsure of any bag, rent before you buy!

If you’re a fan of boxy structures, check out our top picks for boxy bags:

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