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NYFW: 5 Fall Trends To Pull Off According To Your Body Shape

This season is all about bringing back bold trends and bright colours. While we would love to steal every trend off the streets of New York this Fashion Week, here are our recommendations on how to pull off 5 of New York Fashion Week’s hottest trends, according to your body type.

Not sure what your body type is? Take our quiz to find out!

#1. Togas

Toga dresses, jumpsuits and tops are fantastic for showing off your collarbone and shoulders. It’s a look that’s fun, bold and strong. 

Banana and strawberry body shapes, rejoice! Toga styles look best on those two shapes. With angular and broad shoulders, the diagonal line of a toga neckline visually cuts the width of your shoulder, and balances out a strawberry’s smaller upper body. 

The toga is just one of many necklines that suit all the different body and face shapes. If you’re not sure which necklines suit you, take a read here and find out!

#2. Blazers

Whether you’re styling them for work or play, blazers are great for all body shapes if the right cuttings are chosen!

Pear: Structured blazers will create more volume to your upper body and help to balance out your curvy hips

Strawberry: Slouchy blazers that will help soften your angular frame.

Banana: Long waist-cinching blazers with hemlines that fall past your butt, helps to create curves.

Apple: Draped blazers and a lightweight material. These pieces will help to conceal without looking too heavy. 

Double Cherry: Waist-cinching blazers and blazers with peplum details will help flatter your curves even more. 

#3. Puff Sleeves

If you’re feeling particularly feminine this season, statement sleeves like puff sleeves are definitely cute to have on – especially in colours and prints! 

These voluminous sleeves create an illusion of volume and curves that would look great on a banana body shape. 

#4. Flamboyant Colours

Bright and bold colours are great for flattering different features of your body, depending on which piece of clothing you choose to brighten. This season sees shades of bold reds, rich mustard yellows, and luscious greens that you could incorporate into your Fall wardrobe. 

Pear: Go for bright and bold coloured tops to flatter your upper body curved and draw attention away from your heavy bottom. 

Strawberry: Go for bright coloured pants to bring weight to your bottom and create an illusion of a curvier body. 

Banana: Bright coloured dresses are perfect as it draws attention away from the boxy body-shape. 

Apple: Go for bright coloured bottoms, as they draw attention to your slim legs.

Double cherry body shapes can typically pull of any kind of bold colour clothing, so go wild!

#5. Plaids/Checks

These are old-school yet sleek, no wonder Fashion Week might be all about the checks! Quirky and fun to have around, check patterns are great for preppy workwear looks.

Patterns like plaids easily flatter any body shape. For pear body shapes with a heavier bottom, you can opt for include plaid patterns on your tops. For strawberry body shapes with a heavier bust, plaid patterns complement your figure best on pants and skirts! 

If you’re not ready to try plaid-on-plaid combinations, style it simply with a patterned blazer or jacket over a neutral inner wear to balance the entire look.

Trying new trends and styles are great for a change! If you aren’t one that has already started revamping your wardrobe, try renting from our Fashion Week curation and you might surprise yourself.  

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