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Community Event: Hera

To start off September’s community exclusives with the #WomenOfStyleTheory, we co-hosted a make-up demonstration session together with Hera to provide tips and tricks on achieving a versatile yet glam make-up look. 

The session was guided by a live demonstration, and the makeup artist shared various techniques to help our #WomenOfStyleTheory perfect their makeup look. Hera is known for their dynamic makeup and skincare products–their BB Cushions are especially popular amongst ladies! 

Sharing with us their experience, here are some tips we took away from the session:

#1. A useful tip when applying or even purchasing BB Cushions is to always have two shades– a darker shade for outer contours, and a lighter shade to highlight the sharper features on your face. This creates an illusion of a smaller face and also helps bring light to the face.

#2. Another tip is for ladies who use blush: A common mistake people make when applying blush is following the technique of applying blush while smiling. However, the best way to apply is on the high points of your cheeks when you’re only slightly smiling, or not smiling at all!

Apart from these simple make-up tips, the artist also shared a few skincare tips to help achieve better glowing skin. 

#1. While using essences, you can create a quick facial with a compressed coin mask and a few drops of hydrating essence to keep your skin more moisturised.

#2. Equip yourself with facial mists to retain moisture and cool down your skin in hot weather. 

#3. A typical process of Korean skincare is a step-by-step layering of essence, mist, toner, emulsion, serum, and lastly, eye cream.

#4. Check the condition of the skin to see if the ideal amount of product has been used on the skin. If your skin is greasy, it means too much product has been used, or there is low absorbance–well-formulated products tend to have quicker absorbance. 

With these tips and guide, the #WomenOfStyleTheory left with useful knowledge! If you’ve missed this session of our subscribers’ community event, don’t miss the next one by keeping yourself updated with our upcoming events! 

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