Working From Home: Bra or No Bra?

style-theory-apparel-fashion-leadership-stay-home-bra-or-no-bra-bannerHome is where the bra isn’t — we can relate. With weeks into the circuit breaker, many women are celebrating their new-found freedom at home by ditching the bra. But we can’t help but wonder: is prolonged breast liberation good for breast health, or will it contribute to breast sagging? We asked Kate Low, bralette expert and founder of Perk by Kate, for her take.


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Bra or no bra at home during the Circuit Breaker?

I say both! Wear a bra when working or taking Zoom calls, and no bra at home from the evening onwards. The weather hasn’t been forgiving so going braless is liberating!

Does prolonged bralessness cause sagging?

Nope, there hasn’t been a proven study. Bras help give you the shape and lift you want, but cannot prevent the droop caused by age and gravity. In fact, a 15-year study concludes that wearing a bra actually leads to sagging because it weakens the muscle tissue used to provide natural support. That said, it’s recommended to wear a sports bra when doing high-motion exercises, or if you’re especially well-endowed.


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For women who don’t want to feel like they’re wearing a bra, which designs would you recommend?

Perk by Kate bralettes, of course! For full-figured ladies, try our Harper collection; petite ladies will find a good fit with our Alexis collection. Both wire-free collections have good stretch, soft lace and breathable cotton lining for the ultimate “nothing there” feeling.

What is your bralette and Style Theory outfit of choice at home / for the Circuit Breaker?

For the perfect combination of comfy chic, I love Keepsake’s Offset Jumpsuit for its lightweight and wide-legged comfort. Then pair it with the Alexis bralette in white! Its scallop hems and bold daffodil prints set it apart from most floral laces.

style-theory-apparel-fashion-leadership-stay-home-bra-or-no-bra-3The Offset Jumpsuit and the Alexis Bralette

Bralettes look so delicate! Do they last?

Yes, as long as five to seven years, according to our customers! Our bralettes are delicate yet sturdy, thanks to the many improvements we’ve made to our earlier designs. Quality goes beyond the first wear and should stand the test of time, no matter the customer’s care habits. We’ve become (proudly) paranoid in our testing regimen — we test for colour fastness, machine washability, stretch, and also to avoid lace that tears easily or runs in the wash — even if it means saying no to stunning motifs. Just don’t forget to separate your bralettes from dark-coloured clothing that might run!


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We don’t know about you, but going no bra at home, or wearing bralettes is definitely having a moment in our stay-home season. Like dressing up, wearing a bra signals to the brain that it’s time to wake up and slay the day. There’s also something plucky about wearing an almost-naked, fully laced, reinvented garment that adds a little oomph to your step.

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