Why You Should Dress Up Even While WFH, According to our Style Expert

Ah, as the wise philosophers of the 18th century once ruminated, “If you’re all dressed up at home and nobody’s there to see it, are you still dressed up at all?” We’ve got the answer right here: While your colleagues may not necessarily see your fresh, crisp white button-down shirt, they’ll definitely notice the difference it makes to your work quality and attitude!

We chatted with Jainee Gandhi, Lead in Style Theory’s Styling and Fit team, to find out why we should be dressing up while working from home, plus 5 extra tips on how to jazz up your Zoom cube!

Mimic the routine you’re used to

Before our work-from-home lives began, dressing up in the mornings usually marked a start to a day of work ahead. In contrast, home was a welcoming respite where we lounged in our comfy sweats and PJs. But things are different now, and it’s easy to muddle the line between work and rest. “In today’s time, when most of us are working from home, it’s beneficial to draw that line between home and work dressing,” says Jainee. “The whole routine of dressing up for work separates our day into blocks and gives some sort of comfort that things are moving.”

“If I’m not dressed ‘up’, am I dressed wrong?”

You don’t have to dress in a full pantsuit just to get into the mood for work. “Being dressed up is different for everyone — someone might feel dress up in relaxed casual pieces, while someone else might love accessorising, or swiping on a fierce cat-eye. You’re dressed up as long as you don’t feel lazy in those clothes,” Jainee advises. In fact, Jainee’s go-to work-from-home outfit is a fancy blouse with shorts, or a simple vest paired with loose pants — not forgetting accessories! 

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Dress up, even if there aren’t any Zoom meetings

Even if you don’t have to interact visually with your coworkers or clients for the day, dressing up, according to Jainee, still remains a big, fat “Yes!” “Clothes aren’t just utility pieces, they work as mood enhancers too,” she explains. “On days you don’t have virtual meetings, go for that spaghetti top and loose pants, or experiment with that top you always wanted but were too afraid to try.” 

It’s not just about the clothes

Being barefaced all day isn’t an excuse to neglect your haircare and skincare. Dressing up and getting ready also means brushing out your hair, and putting on your A.M. skincare routine. In fact, we’re not opposed to a cool invigorating sheet mask in the warm afternoons! Jainee shares, “The positives of not travelling for work is getting enough sleep, and no harsh sun on my skin! I use homemade face packs at least twice a week. I’ve been using my grandma’s skincare hacks in these times and it’s working like a charm!”


Jainee’s 5 Quick Tips to Jazz Up Your Zoom Cube

  1. Wash your face and apply a moisturiser so your skin looks supple
  2. Wear contrasting earrings or accessories
  3. Try headbands — they look smart and casual!
  4. Wear colours that perk up your face
  5. Avoid deep V-necklines if you tend to get animated on calls

Inspired to start a new productive week of work with these tips? Browse our curation of light and casual work-from-home styles from our Infinite Wardrobe!

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