The Ultimate Playlists Worth Listening To For Every Mood

For most of us, the Circuit Breaker has lent itself to up-and-down mood swings. But no matter what mood you’re in, there’s music to match. Sometimes it might be hard to identify the right playlist for precisely how you’re feeling — so let us do the work for you. We’ve pulled together playlists to start your day, motivate you, or to help you wind down. Give them a spin! 

Rise and shine, baby

These songs will get you out of bed with glee, and make you tap your toes while you brush your teeth. Allow these inspirational songs with a positive message to remind you of how great it is to start each day afresh! 

Keep your work flow all day

If you’ve got a busy day ahead of you that requires serious productivity and concentration, this peaceful ambient music playlist with an occasional blend of atmospheric rock will help put you in deep focus. 

Don’t let the party stop

Virtual happy hours are the new way to go out! Gather your friends or your colleagues for a Zoom or Google Hangouts beer o’clock session. All you need is party music made up of the best hit songs to turn it up! 

It’s OK to be a crybaby

Whether you’re getting over a breakup, experiencing a big change in your life, or feeling homesick — sometimes you just have to let it out. This playlist of songs that tug at our heartstrings will help you get all the feels out and clear out the cobwebs. 

Sleep tight, dreamy vibes

One of the first things most people lose when they get stressed out after a long day is sleep time. If you find yourself laying in bed and staring at the walls, let these songs distract you from the endless whirr of your thoughts and prepare to doze off. 

While the change in lifestyle during the lockdown can be dampening, you can regain some control over how you will remember this special period of your life. So go forth and let these songs help you #TakeTheWheel of your own life! 

Staying at home doesn’t have to be a bore when you’ve got cool tips and tricks to stay productive, connected, and positive. Lockdown or not, we’ve got you covered with our Stay Home Guide — tap to read more!

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Pei Szan is a dreamy idealist (a.k.a chronic daydreamer) who easily speaks in metaphors. She enjoys anything philosophical, loves jet-setting around the world, and has a serious boba addiction. Fun fact: Hailing from the land of Nasi Lemak, she left the legal scene to pursue her creative calling and hopes to inspire more women along the way. Her favourite section of the wardrobe? One-piece wonders like jumpsuits for the lazy days.

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