11 Things To Do For Yourself On Singles’ Day

While others are raving about Singles’ Day sales, and camping by their computers to check out their carts, you might want to take some time out on this day for yourself. We all know Singles’Day is a commercial event,  but who’s to say you can’t have that day to yourself? 

Here are 11 things you can try doing for yourself on Singles’ Day–and perhaps any other day of the year. The point is to get offline and try something new for yourself!

#1. Explore the nature reserves

It is somewhat relaxing to ditch the couch once in a while for a hike. There is beauty in exploring the nooks and crannies of various nature reserves around Singapore — try hiking trails along the coast or Southern Ridges. If you’re lucky, you might catch some wild animal or bird sightings

Taking time out to do a hike with a good music playlist might prove to be useful for the much-needed fitness!

#2. Dine at your favourite restaurant

There isn’t a hard and fast rule that says you shouldn’t have a meal at your favourite restaurant by yourself. Yes, while it is nice to have someone to share a basket of truffle tater tots with, dining alone has its perks too! 

When you find yourself sitting comfortably in a corner seat and browsing the menu, you’ll realise that there isn’t a need to accommodate someone else’s preference. Take time to enjoy the food completely and observe the world pass you by as you indulge in your favourite dessert.

#3. Pamper yourself at a spa

Spas are made for pampering and alone time, which is great when your body is in need of the love it deserves! Aroma-therapy and saunas have proven to be helpful for those with anxiety and frequent headaches. 

Take the day off if you have to and soak in some skin-nourishing goodness!

#4. Surprise yourself with new styles by renting clothes

While most would indulge in a shopping spree, do something different by trying out a rental subscription

Besides having new looks to wear daily and saving yourself the trouble of heading out, you’re actually doing something sustainable for the environment. So why not surprise yourself by wearing new styles you’ve always wanted to try? 

#5. Indulge with company

“Singles’ Day is for the lonely” – said no one ever! The idea of being able to kick back and act like yourself completely around your closest friends couldn’t be more tempting–especially if you’re looking to end off a tiring workday with some fun. 

So if spending time with loved ones is your way of treating yourself, go for drinks and snacks at the usual hangout, or sing your hearts out at the new karaoke bar. 

#6. Go minimal and make space

If you’re in need of some quiet time and thinking space– and meditation or doing nothing makes you feeling restless, put on some music and do a wardrobe cleanse! 

Yes, going through a wardrobe cleanse, or as many have termed it “Marie Kondo-ing” may come off as clichébut you’ll be surprised at how much time passes during the process. Aside from being productive, tt’s calming and very much satisfying to see the final output of a clean and neat wardrobe! It’s much more of a meditative task than a chore. 

#7. Clean and maintaining your designer bags

Love the idea of owning a designer bag, but not the idea of maintaining it? We feel you. With ownership of designer bags, it’s important to regularly maintain the leather and material to have it kept in pristine condition. That would mean to store them in low humidity and away from direct sunlight. As with wardrobe cleansing, this can be meditative too. 

If you feel this is too much work, consign your designer bags and leave it to the experts to clean and restore the bags while you earn whenever your bags are rented out. Simply take a photo of your bag and send it in a valuation quote. 

#8. Go for a comedy show 

If you find yourself in need of a little laughter, try booking seats for a comedy show and actually dress up for a fun night out

Rather than staying home and rewatching episodes of The Big Bang Theory, watching a show in the theatres once in a while might prove to be a nice treat for yourself. Besides, laughing helps improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure, and improve your overall mood! 

#9. Watch the sunrise 

While catching the sunset is the more popular choice as no one wants to lose sleep, catching the sunrise at least once in your life should be on your bucket list. There isn’t a better way to start your day than watching the day break. 

Try it once! Sleep early the night before, make a flask of hot coffee or tea, and set out early to your nearest point of sunrise view. The early hours of the day and warm orange view can be breathtakingly beautiful if you give it a chance. 

#10. Experiment with cooking

Spending the day on your own can mean skipping your meals or ordering in — but let’s face it, it’s lazy and unhealthy. 

If you find yourself in that predicament, try experimenting with recipes in the kitchen. Cooking alone may seem daunting when there’s no one to help you with dishes, but you’ll find that there’s less distraction when there is zero friction and no cooperation. That very time in the kitchen gives you room to experiment with cooking or baking what you really enjoy.  

#11. Unplug 

Take an afternoon to draw yourself away from the world of social media and pop culture. The serenity from having some quiet time to yourself can be quite empowering. Indulge in a yoga or meditation session in the comfort of your own room helps to relieve stress. 

You might find yourself more rejuvenated with a clearer mind to tackle any oncoming activities. 

If you can’t find the time to unwind, treat yourself by booking upcoming activities and make time for it. 

With Style Theory, we’re all about community events and putting your mental wellness first. Try taking up a new class or join in the community fun with our subscribers and friends!

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