5 Video Games That Will Transport You to Another World

Cabin fever blues? It might be the best time to let loose and get lost in the alternative universe of video games. Sure, we’ve got more “productive” things on our list of to-dos, but nothing can take our mind off the pandemic quite like the thrilling twists and immersive landscapes of the virtual world. It’s no wonder then that gaming console shortages, App Store downloads, Twitch viewer counts, and Twitter gaming conversations are through the roof. Style Theory’s casual and hardcore gamers alike share their hot favourites to play this Circuit Breaker:

If you want to escape to another world…
Final Fantasy X

In a fantasy role-playing game, save the world of Spira as you journey through relic temples and out-of-this-world 3D topologies to destroy bad-ass beast, Sin.

Game play:
40+ hours

Why it’s our favourite RN:
There’s a reason why Final Fantasy’s 10th installment was voted as Japan’s favourite in a recent NHK poll. Its gripping narrative, cinematic scenes, elevated turn-based combat and genius soundtrack will suck you in and keep boredom at bay. Compared to its other arguably longer installments, 40 hours of gameplay might be the perfect length for the #StayHome season. Lined with poignant themes of loss, corruption, sacrifice, and courage, stand-out characters you’ll actually feel for, and a hodgepodge of addicting side quests – Blitzball tournaments for the sports fans, and Chocobo racing for the Mario fans, it’ll feel like you escaped on a trip you’ll never forget!

Play Final Fantasy X on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox One, and on PC.

If you’re looking to play way beyond the circuit breaker…
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Survive the wild and travel across kingdoms to reclaim four “divine beasts”, unlocking their secrets and helping princess Zelda save the world before it’s laid to waste.

Game play:
100+ hours to solve every quest 

Why it’s our favourite RN:
It’s been more than 3 years since this game was released on Switch, but gamers have not stopped raving. “Masterpiece”, “best legend ever made”, “greatest game of all time”... There’s only one way to find out if fans are bluffing — adventure accepted. Its revolutionary open-world system and fully interactive landscapes let you uncover shrines, battle Bokoblins, whip up seafood rice balls and climb almost any surface at your own pace. Go from one mountain top to the next, paraglide below, then go-kart down breathtaking plains. Figuring out how to get there, and laughing at your epic experiments make it one hell of a ride. The map is so vast, you’ll still be surprised by its sandbox of undiscovered mysteries and head-scratching puzzles when you play it a second time. Just don’t dismiss the call of nature one too many times — it’s that addictive.

Play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Switch and Wii U.

If you like building stuff…
Sims 4

In a nutshell: 
Turn your imagination into virtual realities in the best-selling life simulation series in history. 

Game play:
20 hours, without the extras

Why it’s our favourite RN:

The Sims 4 has come a long way since its launch version in 2014. In addition to the base version’s notable upgrades – an emotions system, detailed Create-A-Sim customisations, and hidden neighbourhoods – your Sims 4 world will finally feel complete with ghosts, gender-neutral content, fun-loving toddlers, and expansion-enabled seasons! With new build tools and even cooler furniture, the sky’s the limit with what you can construct (yes, even a modern house on water!) When you’re done going from rags to riches, try these wacky challenges conjured by the talented Sims community – 100 Baby, Bachelor/Bachelorette, the Disney Princess challenge, and more.


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Play Sims 4 on PlayStation, XBox One or PC.

If you want to get really competitive with your friends…
Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled 

In a nutshell:

Start your engines and take on the fastest racer in the galaxy before he turns Earth into a parking lot.

Game play:
6-8 hours

Why it’s our favourite RN:

Easy to pick up, but crushingly hard to master, Crash is back twenty years later to give us a nostalgic treat and a karting showdown. Otherwise known as Mario Kart’s big brother, it features unforgiving tracks where a single mistake will cost you your lead. Find shortcuts, learn airbreaking, perfect power slides, then chain these speed boosts for a wicked lap. Don’t mistake its hilarious animations and intuitive controls for being kid-friendly though, CTR will test your skills. Its crazy terrains and immense level of graphic detail is the cherry on top and is a solid game to play, even if you’ve only got a few minutes. Race your family members or complete online with friends!

Play Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled on PlayStation, XBox, or Switch.

If you’re taking the path less travelled…
Escape from Tarkov 

In a nutshell:
In a multiplayer first-person shooter in war-torn Tarkov, try to get out of the chaos-ridden city. Warning: not for casual gamers.

Why it’s our favourite RN:

When you’re looking to go big (and stay home), try Escape from Tarkov. With learn-as-you-play quests, savage locals at every corner, and no in-game map, it’s an exhilarating, paranoia-inducing experience where even game veterans die over and over again. Take gambles at raids, loot a stash for free gear, or risk losing everything you brought. The realistic gunshots sounds and torrential thunderstorm claps are all part of the adrenaline rush. We are obsessed with the game’s immaculate attention to detail and extreme weapon customisation with over 60 guns to choose from. Take each attachment apart and modify it the way you want it, like a mini game within itself. So… will you play the game, or will the game play you?

Play Escape From Tarkov on PC.


The #stayhome season is passing by a lot faster than we thought… just don’t forget how the sun looks like.

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