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LFW: Which Print Suits Your Personality?

In the season of Fashion Week, prints and patterns are seen dominating the streets more than ever. There are many trendy prints out there– plaids, scarf prints and even patchwork, you name it, they have it. 

It might be easy choosing your favourites if you’re someone who wears prints and patterns with no qualms. But if you’re like me, only going for the plain and simple, have you ever wondered what prints would best suit your personality and your lifestyle? 

Take this simple quiz to find out which pattern you should try this season! 

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Mostly As – Plaids


You’re full of curiosity and love trying new things– you just need a little bit of inspiration! With plaids coming in a variety of colours, from muted greys to a bold tartan red, they are quirky patterns that are easy to pull off. Pair a plaid skirt or pants with a plain or graphic tee, and you’re ready to hit the streets on your next exploration!

Mostly Bs – Scarf Prints



Fun, playful and full of personality–everything a scarf print has. With an extroverted and playful personality like yours, it would only be fitting to take on the trendy scarf print this season. You’re not afraid to explore with colours and the patterns are usually what reflects your energy! 

Mostly Cs – Checks 


You like to play it safe, and mostly stick to the same old routine. Trying out a pattern might be a slight challenge for you! Checks, however, are a safe yet inviting pattern to try that doesn’t take you too far out of your comfort zone. Usually styled in muted or neutral colours, this classic pattern easily matches with the trusty and minimalist basics in your wardrobe. 

A mix of everything – Patch Work


You have a multifaceted personality, with a variety of interests and activities to do! You don’t stick to one thing and you’re definitely unpredictable at times.  Sometimes your music doesn’t match your activities, but who cares! 

A perfect pattern for you is patchwork –a harmonious fusion of so many different patches of print that don’t clash, but work well together.

Prints are extremely fun to play around with, try it out this season and you might keep it a must-have in your wardrobe. Try renting a few of our favourite pattern picks:

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