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Quiz: Which Floral Print Is For You?

“Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking,” quips Meryl Streep sarcastically in The Devil Wears Prada. Well, the fashion editor was right – florals aren’t new. In fact, they sprout again every season, hailing a floral frenzy.

We’ve seen big trends come and go, such as the “Flower Power” movement in the ’60s, or floral leggings of the millennials — florals are perhaps one of the most ubiquitous motifs in fashion. Inherently beautiful, and available in a hundred different colours, textures, and styles, it’s likely most of us have at least one floral outfit hanging in our closets. 

While there are no recipes to picking the perfect floral patterns, you can definitely choose which best suits your style personality. Before you set out on a flower power pursuit, take our quiz below!  

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Mostly As — Modern Feminine

Not to be mistaken with the saccharine girly styles from our youth, the lady with the Modern Feminine style embraces florals by pairing warm colours with a graphic touch to create a soft yet contemporary look. For a modern and polished spin, play with textures like ruffle details to add dimension.

Mostly Bs — Urban Chic

When choosing what to wear, feeling comfortable in your clothes is the most important factor for you. You prefer casual styling to formal tailoring, with a strong emphasis on khakis, blacks and darker neutrals. For an easier trick, you can opt for small, soft florals to spruce up your wardrobe.  

Mostly Cs — Flamboyant

With a bright and vivacious personality to match your style, clash of prints and colours means power to a sartorial heroine like you. You love to stand out and often wear clothes with a wow factor. You might already know this — go over the top with larger-than-life floral designs in vibrant hues that are sure to turn heads!

Mostly Ds — Minimalist

Unafraid to play around with masculine and feminine silhouettes, the Minimalist loves androgynous jackets and coats, minimal shapes and neutral colours. But it’s not all boyfriend jackets and shades of greige. Less is more, we say — tone down the overall look when you stick to minimal floral patterns on a solid coloured fabric.

Whatever the occasion, a floral print is pretty much foolproof. Whether you’re heading to a romantic wedding, stepping out on a beach holiday or even dressing smartly for work — renting from the Infinite Wardrobe gives you tons of room to experiment without commitment. 

Here are our top floral picks:

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