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Looking good and feeling good has always been a part of our community events for the #WomenOfStyleTheory! In partnership with Skin Inc, we arranged an intimate skincare session for our subscribers to learn more about skincare and their unique skin needs!  We believe in the promotion of self-care and this time, we learnt various skin care factors from Skin Inc.

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There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about. – Margaret J. Wheatley

The ladies who freed up their Thursday evening to attend the session with Skin Inc left with useful insights on how to better care for their skin. In addition, Skin Inc introduced their bespoke product, the Optimiser Voyage Tri-light and range of serums.

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Attendees were able to better understand their skin identity via an onsite skin consultation and learn how to get a quick 3-step Flash Facial with the use of the Optimiser Voyage Tri-light.

Skin Inc is known for using skintech–fusing technological advancement to create custom-made serums that is ideal for different skin conditions. Taking environmental and lifestyle factors into consideration, Skin Inc aims to treat various skin situation customers face using these custom-made serums.


However, before you go into creating serums or trying out other skincare to treat you own skin, it is important to understand that these lifestyle and environmental factors have a big effect on your skin.

#1. Diet

It is common to indulge in various cuisine in Singapore. After all, it is a country that thrives on great delicacies. However, it is important to have wisdom in picking your food and beverage options. Too much of everything is not good, thus striking a balance is ideal. You can plan a diet with more fruits and vegetables as well as keep hydrated.

#2. Improper Skincare

Improper skincare is one of the main contributions to skin problems. It is only normal to make a wrong choice in skincare products or routines when you’re unsure of your skin type and its needs. You can consult experts to better understand what you skin needs.

#3. Stress

Being in a society where demands easily lead to stress, it is important to ensure that your wellbeing is being cared for. Stress can increase the levels of stress hormone, cortisol which may damage skin’s collagen. So it is important to treat yourself well and manage stress with healthy activities.

#4. Climate

Climate such as humidity levels that we have little control over, affects our skin too. However, the effects vary based on your skin type. So it would be good to find our what your skin type is and how climate affects you before committing to a skin care routine.

#5. Sun Exposure

The use of little to no sunblock has proven to damage skin in different ways, be it increase pigmentation or likelihood of skin aging. Even if you feel that the sun isn’t blazing, do make an effort to put on sunblock for protection!

So while it’s difficult to adjust and make changes to your lifestyle, give yourself 21 days or three weeks to form a new habit. Start opting for healthier food options, choosing water over caffeinated drinks, walking instead of biking or taking a shuttle for short distances, and more. Getting a skincare expert and using more products can only do half the job, so take up new habits!

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