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In the season of community exclusives this September, we’ve had workshops on gin appreciation, pottery, and skincare, as well as upcoming wellness activities such as barre, and more! But before that, our Women Of Style Theory engaged in a fun-filled craft session of creating paper Gardenia blooms! We co-hosted the workshop together with Miss Petal & Bloom for this stress-relieving activity. 

Miss Petal & Bloom, founded by Eileen, specialises in floral decor and accessories featuring handmade crepe paper flowers that are both beautiful and whimsical to look at. She started this from an interest that sparked from watching YouTube tutorial videos. Our subscribers found out that creating paper blooms can indeed be therapeutic and a form of art creation!

Photo: Miss Petal & Bloom

Miss Petal & Bloom uses only quality Italian crepe papers to achieve these pretty floral decors. Unlike real flowers, these embellishments can be kept for a long time! 

The reason for using only Italian crepe? It’s a stretchy material that allows one to put pressure while creating shapes. It’s subtle and easily mouldable to an ideal shape.

The Women of Style Theory had the opportunity to sit in on the workshop to learn and create Gardenia blooms! There’s a lot involved to make such intricate looking floral blooms. 

Here’s a quick guide on how they did their own! A simple workshop left them walking away with useful skills and a pretty paper bloom. 

#1. Cutting of flower shapes:

    • Align petal to crepe and do an accordion shape behind to create layers. 
    • Proceed to cut the petals out from the crepe paper.

#2. Sculpting – Create 3D structures using cupping and reverse cupping method:

    • Pinch paper with fingers by pulling towards the side to create your desired shape. 
    • Cupping = stretching towards you
    • Reverse cupping = stretching outward and making your blossom
    • Use fingers to smoothen out wrinkles

#3. Gluing:

    • Place 5 extra small petals in a circle 
    • Glue bottom petal then stick to stalk

Repeat steps for other petals in various sizes, once done with all petals, wrap wire with green crepe and glue the full strip.

The Women of Style Theory had an enjoyable and calming session of creating beautiful Gardenia blooms, and they got to bring their creation home!

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