How To Care For Your Luxury Bags Part II

Investing in a designer bag doesn’t stop the minute you have it in your hands; taking the time to keep it in good condition, maintaining the integrity of its structure, and making space to store it right are only barely scratching the surface when it comes to designer bags upkeep.


Why should you do it?

  • Maintain the craftsmanship that comes with quality designer bags
  • Double the lifespan of your bags–your investment goes out of style when it is worn out before its time
  • Regular upkeep is more affordable than an overhaul repair

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So if you clean and care for your bags on the regular, what else can you do? 

1. Know your leather

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bag b
bag a

Not all leather require the same maintenance–and to make it trickier, some bags can come with more than one leather type. We’re talking attachments, handles, inner lining, flap lids… how well do you really know your bags?


Researching about the exotic leather or calf skin leather you’re dealing with is important. While moisturizing your leather bag with the right bag cleaning balm is important, take an extra step to reduce the scuffs and scratches on areas that are most prone to exterior wear and tear.

What we do at Style Theory to uphold the leather handles is to utilise handle wraps and protect the handles from wear and tear. It also acts as a mood-switcher whenever you feel bored of your designer bag–go for a classic wrap-around or dainty rose, or the even a ribbon and bow to dress up your style.

Watch how our Style Theory team gave the classic black top-handle bag new options!

When you rent from Style Theory Bags, you get luxury bags in the best condition for any of your upcoming plans. That means well-treated leather, functional zippers and compartments, and definitely no poor handles, bad edges and stained lining. We do the cleaning and maintenance on the regular, so our subscribers can rent with a piece of mind.

Find out more about renting bags from Style Theory Bags at $129/mth. Two styles a month, one at a time.

2. Keep your items in compartments and pouches


While it is convenient to stash your blush and loose powders into the compartments of your bag, we’ve seen a fair share of spillage and stained linings in bags to know better!


Keep your cosmetics and other creams and liquids in separate bags. Cosmetic pouches are easy ways to keep the stain at bay, and also quick and fast access to what you need on-the-go. 

Do be careful of which pouches you use as colour may transfer if not checked. Hold back the excitement to break in a pouch in your designer bag on the first day! Test by wiping a slightly damp white cotton cloth in a circular motion that mimics the contact through regular use.

When you rent from Style Theory Bags, you can rely on the size guide and dimensions for you to plan ahead. Rent from the itsy sizes to fit only the essentials to the plus sizes that are great for work if you need something larger to hold your documents together! When you rent the standard and plus sizes, porting over your makeup pouches is easy! 

Find out more about renting bags from Style Theory Bags at $129/mth. Two styles a month, one at a time.

3. Switch up your bags often


If accessorising your current designer bags is not your thing, consider rotating between a few styles to minimise wear and tear. You’ll prolong their lifespan for longer if you switch it up often. You want to extend the life of your luxury investments!


If you’re not for one who wants to own multiple bags because you want to save space or only want to own a few key pieces, consider renting and rotating styles that you may want to buy at a future time, or styles that you’ll love to try when it’s still in trend! Spoil yourself with the option to try everything and worry about nothing.

When you rent from Style Theory Bags, you can try two designer bag styles a month. Rent something different from what you already have and surprise yourself.

Find out more about renting bags from Style Theory Bags at $129/mth. Two styles a month, one at a time.

Beyond keeping your bag in tip-top shape, you should also preserve the value of your bag. Please keep all the authenticity cards, invoices and accessories including the dust bags that came with your bag. Invoices are also needed when sending your bag back to the designer for any repairs.

Guilty of owning a bag you hardly maintain after each use? Consider consigning it to Style Theory Bags and earn payouts to put it to other uses. Our bag care experts will try to rehabilitate every bag that comes through our doors, and we love to chat with you.


Not sure if your bags have any value or if your bags are still in style for the luxury fashion lovers? Chat with us!

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