#TodayIDiscover Freedom With Aarika Lee

#TodayIDiscover – Freedom
Completely personal and entirely yours.
While there are many versions of freedom and the liberating changes you can make to your life, we share a philosophy of pursuing freedom in your own way and on your own terms. (Watch the video at the end of this post to hear it from Aarika Lee)
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The more you give power and strength to the person inside you, the more sure you’re going to be of who you are. Aarika Lee (@aarikalee)
Take it from Aarika Lee (@aarikalee) of Elementary Co and Style Theory subscriber on how she explores freedom beyond her career and family–in the thread that bonds us: womanhood and looking good while we’re at it!

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From the Infinite Wardrobe: LIGHT UP LONG SLEEVE TOP by KEEPSAKE
This Women’s Month, it’s a great chance to be reminded and empowered that womanhood is how you want it to be for you. It’s not the journey that your mom had for herself, nor is it the path your co-worker follows as she builds her career and family.
That’s the beauty–and strength–of having the freedom to celebrate womanhood in this age. You get to put yourself anywhere you want in the equation. From waking up in the morning and realising you want to be active that day or if you need a pep-me-up, and dressing exactly how you want to because of that.
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From The Infinite Wardrobe: DECIDED SKIRT FLORAL by CAMEO
The grand pursuit of freedom can quite simply start by owning a unique journey where you break out of the monotony of staying stuck or living in survival-mode. You step out of what’s right or what others would probably prefer and showcase who you are and embrace it.
After all, isn’t freedom also the quality of embracing the good, the bad, and the embarrassing sides of who you are and being proud of how it makes you unique.
Style Theory_Discover Freedom_Aarika
From the Infinite Wardrobe: MAKING WAVES BUSTIER by CAMEO

#TodayIDiscover Freedom edition with Aarika is the fun piece to round up our collated efforts to make our assortment accessible for every occasion and any styles, and available for anyone who wants explore fashion freedom. The freedom-inspired pieces picked by Aarika hints at the thrill and liberating feeling when you pilot your style journey and unlock something bigger than just a #OOTD. When you get to express yourself through fashion, it can be a whole way to learn more about yourself as you surprise yourself with new styles you didn’t think you can pull off or discover a look that will be your signature style.


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