Quiz: 2020’s Self-Love Languages

If January hasn’t been the best start to the year for you, fret not, because we’re heralding the month of February with plenty of self-care and self-love. As we step into the month of love and appreciation, we know that no other day celebrates love and affection like the 14th of February does. But while everyone is busy with planning activities and special gifts for their significant others, don’t forget to love and indulge the most important person in your life: yourself. 

You’d love the smile that appears on your significant other, so what more the smile that comes from a little self-pampering? As the day draws nearer, take our self-love language quiz to see what you need most to feel loved. Already know your self-love language? Read about each of them:



The answers you chose mainly revolve around your need to have space and occasional alone-time. 

Me-time is your haven from life’s unending scurry. It’s when you find your centre, reach into your inner worlds, and come alive as your best authentic self. You often find spending time alone as the most energising part of your day. After any long week, a weekend of doing nothing but soaking yourself in a tub with your favourite book is one of the best ways to unwind. It is important to you that the people around you respect the space you need.

How to love yourself: Cosy up to a book, enjoy a self-care spa day, travel solo.

How others can show you love: Offer you both quality time and the space to grow alone.

To enjoy your day out, here’s your go-to outfit to explore your next solo adventure–casual comfort and a hands-free crossbody bag.

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The answers you chose mainly revolve around your need for a physical matter to find comfort. In this case, it is food. 

Though material, food is your escape and familiarity from the hustle of life. It is where comfort presents itself to you, so even the simplest form of it can turn your worst day around. When the day turns sour, all you need is one sweet pastry to light up your day. If you’re ever in need of comfort, snacks like chocolate and avocados are your go-to endorphin-boosting food. To pamper yourself, you’d settle down on a cosy couch with a few plates of your favourite dishes — home-cooked is the best!

How to love yourself: Food cheat days, Mum’s cooking, revisiting your favourite childhood eatery.

How others can show you love: Hunting hidden gems with good food, whipping up home-cooked meals, a surprise delivery of your favourite comfort food. 

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The answers you chose revolve around being transparent and having openness with the people or situations around you. 

You are a firm believer of the truth. You appreciate honesty and candour from others, and most importantly, from yourself – but not without compassion. It is why you find yourself dwelling in many an introspection, often penning down your innermost thoughts. You feel most loved when you and your partner can unapologetically share your thoughts. 

How to love yourself: Pen down your thoughts in a journal, going for self-improvement workshops, writing letters to future self. 

How others can show you love: Heart-to-heart talks, challenge you to do better, honesty with compassion.

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The answers you chose revolve around being observant and meticulous to the things or situations around you. Your choices also reflect your thoughtful soul. 

While habits don’t dictate your life, intent does. You’re purposeful about the way you live and strive to make better decisions every day. You’re constantly growing towards a better you, but yet in the busyness of life, you choose to take things slow and tackle your matters one at a time. Life doesn’t pass you by, because you’re always present in the moment. 

How to love yourself: Go on a digital detox, pay attention to your needs, invest in tools that help organise your life, indulge in slow life activities

How others can show you love: Listen attentively, show up when it really counts, small gestures (getting clothes folded or making your bed for you).

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The answers you chose revolve mainly around showing acceptance and being accepted by the ones you love. 

Love, in fact, does not conquer all. But acceptance is what will get you through. You want to be able to communicate openly without judgment. You appreciate being in a place that gives you the chance to be vulnerable, yet allows you to feel emotionally safe. While it’s easy to get hung up on the negative things in life, you often focus on your positive attributes. The one thing that gets you through is self-acceptance. As much as acceptance from people is comforting, you constantly speak words of kindness to yourself too.

How to love yourself: Positive self-affirmation, celebrating the big and small wins. 

How others can show you love: Being proud of you despite your imperfections, holding back judgement.

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Remember the month of February is the month for all types of love – self-love included! Allocate some time to pamper and treat yourself to what you need most to feel loved. 

Not sure what your self-love language is? Take the quiz and surprise yourself! 

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