7 Boredom-Busting Hobbies to Pick Up at Home

If you’ve opened Facebook and Instagram five times in the last 15 minutes, I’ve got news for you — you’re in dire need of a hobby. Self-isolation doesn’t mean resigning yourself to the couch and living life through social media. We’ve gathered 7 boredom-busting hobbies to pick up that’ll help you while away your #StayHome hours.

1. Pick up a book

There’s no better time to delve into the written world where fictional characters get to, well, go outside and play. Jokes aside, reading is a great way to exercise your mind. Whether you’re into romance, thrillers, autobiographies or self-help books, reading will help mentally stimulate you for hours on end. If you’re not too keen on reading, try audiobooks instead! 

2. Try some (practical!) DIY projects 

There’s nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than admiring something you’ve created from scratch. With some low-cost materials you can get online, there are plenty of DIY projects that you can start on! We like practical ideas like DIY hand cream, scented soaps, candles, and cotton face masks — they double up as thoughtful gifts for your family and friends too.


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3. Play some games


If you’re looking to unleash your competitive spirit, hook your family or friends up with some good ol’ fashioned board games, or try online multiplayer games instead. The biggest hit of all Zoom game parties with our team has got to be Jackbox! With 30 hilarious and easy-to-pick-up game titles to choose from, you can invite up to eight players to play in real time, both at home or online.  

4. Break a sweat

If being cooped up at home is making you feel dull, a rush of “happy” endorphins is just what we’d prescribe. Break out your activewear and try an online workout of any intensity from the comfort of your living room! Pick a new routine every week from our list of 20-minute workouts to hit some post-quarantine fitness goals.

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5. Pick up some needle and thread

Thanks for making knitting cool again, Instagram. No longer the hobby of sweet-natured grannies around the world, needlework keeps your fingers busy and dexterous, and most importantly, keeps your phone out of your hands! Our inspiration? Hand-embroidered works from talented artists like this: 

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6. Learn something new 

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, getting access to online classes from reputable teachers is as easy as clicking a button. With a plethora of beginner or intermediate courses from platforms like Udemy, SkillShare, and MasterClass, you can pick up drawing or learn about interior designing at your own pace, in your own space. How great is that?

7. Cook up a storm


Not being able to eat out during this Circuit Breaker might just bring out the Nigella Lawson in you. Instead of ordering food deliveries so often (those delivery fees add up!), make good use of your freshly stocked pantry and whip up some easy dishes. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, try baking desserts! 

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Staying at home doesn’t have to be a bore when you’ve got cool tips and tricks to stay productive, connected, and positive. Lockdown or not, we’ve got you covered with our Stay Home Guide — tap to read more!

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