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Community Event: Candle Making Workshop with Hush Candle

Candles can be quite calming and beneficial for your health and wellness, and all the more so, if it’s organic and uniquely created by yourself! To truly understand the art behind candle-making and what goes behind it, we co-hosted with Hush Candle, a candle-making workshop for our Women of Style Theory community. 

Filled with passion and love for home-made organic candles, Chelsea and Nicole co-founded Hush Candle. They create many unique scents that are made of organic soy wax and therapeutic grade essential oil – perfect to fill a home with. 

Before walking home with their final candle product, the Women of Style Theory engaged in a step-by-step candle-making session. The best part? You get to create your own unique scent! But before that, they had to understand how essential oil works, its uses, as well as which scents best complement each other.

Step One: Finding the scent

Different oils have different purposes and aromas, so before choosing them, understanding what you like is important. For example, lavender oil is good for calming and soothing, while citrus oils, like grapefruit or bergamot, are refreshing and energising. You can pick the appropriate essential oils based on what you’d like it to help you with!

Step Two: Mixing your oils

This step is important as it determines the final aroma of your candle. The Women of Style Theory were given explanations and some time to figure out how different blends of oil might smell like as they worked towards finding their ideal blend. 

The scent that emanates from an oil blend comes from a mixture of base and top notes essential oils. Our participants learnt that base notes evaporate slower than top notes, so too much of either will result in slow burning or quick burning candles. Base notes are heavy oils such as myrrh, rosewood or ylang ylang, while top notes are light oils such as peppermint, bergamot or eucalyptus.

Pro-tip: Mix base and top notes to add more texture to your candle scent. 

Step 3: Creating your candle

Once you’ve made your essential oil blend in the right proportion, you’re ready to pour in the melted soy wax. Upon pouring the wax into the candle jar, make sure to stir the wax and essential oil blend evenly to prevent imbalance. Candle wax that isn’t stirred properly will result in a pure wax scent when burned!

Step 4: Cure your candle 

The last step is to let your candle cure and ferment for at least 24 hours before the first burn. 

Finally, you can finally enjoy your uniquely created scent!

Candle-burning often adds to a more intimate ambience when you’re seeking meditative and therapeutic moments by yourself, and with everyone’s individual preferences and sensitivities to scents, learning how to create your own personalised candle is all the more beneficial! You can check out Hush Candle for more of their workshops.

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