20-Minute Equipment-Free Exercises You Can Do At Home

Self isolation, while socially responsible, will tend to morph even the fittest of us into literal couch potatoes. If you’re not able to get your gym workouts in this season, don’t sweat it (pun intended)! We’ve got your arms, core, legs, and glutes covered with these awesome 20-minute exercises you can do at the comfort of your own home — and they’re equipment-free! 

For Toned Arms

Goodbye, spaghetti arms. Work your triceps, biceps, shoulders, and back into form with one of YouTube’s top female fitness channels, Blogilates. All the equipment you need is an exercise mat. Just make sure you’re not grocery shopping the next day because your arms will ache! 


For Lean Legs

During your weeks of self-isolation, you won’t be able to get in as many steps as you used to. But to keep your legs and thighs in check, try this no-repeat leg workout from MadFit. All you need is an exercise mat, and a chair or bench to help support you in this routine. 


For A Round Butt

Slumping around on your couch all week? Use this self-isolation time to whip your derrière into shape with this intense workout from Pamela Reif — just knowing how good your booty will look in your jeans once we’re able to step out again is motivation enough! All you need is an exercise mat, and a towel to mop the sweat off you, really. 


For Defined Abs

In what Blogilates describes as her ultimate core-crushing abs workout, you can expect exercises that only isolate your abdominal muscles for 20 minutes straight. All you need is an exercise mat, and 100% willpower for this one. 


For a Cardio & Core Combo

If you want to squeeze in some cardio along with your core and abs workout, try this workout from Rebecca Louise and PopSugar instead! Their exercise banter will keep you motivated and entertained while you get your heart rate burning like you’re back in the gym. All you’ll need for this is an exercise mat. 


For A Full Body Workout (with a partner!)

Exercising is always more fun with a workout buddy. If you’re in self-isolation with a roommate sibling, or your significant other, get them to join you on this full-body partner workout! With exercises that you have to rely on the other to complete, this routine is guaranteed to strengthen both your bodies and bond. All you need is an exercise mat, and of course, another person.


Try one of each at your preferred frequency, and you’ve got your self-quarantine workout regime sorted! You’re welcome.

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