10 Virtual Dates For Any Love Language

Netflix Party, two-person pictionary, collaborative cook-outs — you’ve done them all with your government-mandated long distance partner. Now what do you do? With the extended circuit breaker thrust upon us, our creativity and commitment are in the hot seat. To that, we say bring it on. Love will prevail even virtually and yes, there can still be butterflies. Here are 10 more ways to level up the romance, no matter the love language.

If your partner loves quality time…
  1. Try a juicy Q&A

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    The conversations won’t be dying off with 36 questions designed by psychologist, Arthur Aron, proven to make two people fall in love. These hard-hitting, intimate questions use vulnerability as a way into the heart, and might just reveal new, I-had-no-idea sides to your partner. Just remember not to two-time your boo with your work screen in the background. Eye contact applies to the virtual world too.

  2. Learn a new language together 


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There reaches a point when quality time becomes too much. Enter solo activities that still say “I’m thinking about you”. If you both have a country on your bucket list or retirement plan, why not pick up its native language and say more than just arigatou gozaimasu? Habit-building apps like Drops and Duolingo make language learning fun with word games and 5 to 10-minute sprints.

If your partner loves words of affirmation…
  1. Write a letter

    You might just be their only constant right now, so it means a lot to know that they’re not alone. This video by Benjamin Kheng made us believe in the power of letters again. It’s been ages since most of us have slapped on a stamp, but swapping the text message for snail mail will melt the heart of someone in lockdown. Acknowledging the small things they thought we’d forgotten is bound to set the sparks on fire.

  2. Revisit your firsts

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Alright, let’s scroll up to those awkward, flirty first few messages and revisit the first photo you’ve ever taken! Did you cringe? Did you think you would end up together? Now bask in the glory of how far you’ve come.

If your partner’s love language is gifts…
  1. Share the ultimate stay-home dining experience


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    If you’re celebrating a special occasion or like hitting home runs, recreate a Michelin Star experience with Lo & Behold’sOdette At Home’, a multi-course dining delivery available daily from 11am to 8pm. Send a grand cuisine to each of your homes, Zoom your night away and have a virtual toast while at it.

  2. Online shop together

    With the number of sales going on, it isn’t a bad time to get your shopping fix. Turn it into a challenge by giving each other a fixed budget you each have to assemble the best surprise care package for each other. Virtually unbox together and let’s be honest about who won! Need to drop your partner a hint? Our gift cards that are redeemable anytime this year are perfect for satiating your post-Circuit Breaker appetite for pretty clothes and designer bags.

If your partner loves acts of service…
  1. Be their #goals buddy

Everyone has a list of personal projects they wished they’d nail — get 6-pack abs, read 4 books a month, learn how to dance, make the perfect Dalgona coffee… and the list goes on. The best way to cheer your partner on? Do it together. Up for the challenge? #100DaysofCode is famed to be the fastest way to pick up a coding habit. 100 days, 1 hour of coding daily, 1 progress tweet daily, 2 accountability partners, and the rest is history.

2. Hunt down their non-essential favourites

They might be missing something that just became a non-essential service: bubble tea, IKEA meatballs, brownies — you name it. Hunt down alternatives – boba ice cream, konjac bubble milk tea, and recipes, and show them that if you have Liam Neeson’s resolve, you’ll be able to go through anything together.

If your partner loves physical touch…
  1. Give a smell tease

    Spooning is no longer an option, so get ‘physical’ by sending in your lingering scent. Oversized hoodies, pillows… anything that feels like a hug. We’ll leave the item of choice to you, but a smell tease can do wonders. A study found that we remember 35% of what we smell, compared to only 5% of what we see, and 2% of what we hear. Our primitive sense of smell triggers emotional memories and connects us in more powerful ways than we think.

  2. Long distance love gadgets

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Before your mind drifts off to R21 territory, we’re talking couple bracelets here. Tapping on your connected bracelet lights up your partner’s and vibrates to give a little I-miss-you rub. Send up to ten taps in one message, so get creative with unique rhythms and create your own secret code! These silicone bracelets by Uncommon Goods are waterproof too, so you’ll always have that personal touch — even in the shower.

If you’re in the opposite camp barely surviving 24/7 with your other half, this might just stop your partner from becoming Annoying Orange.  

Staying at home doesn’t have to be a bore when you’ve got cool tips and tricks to stay productive, connected, and positive. Lockdown or not, we’ve got you covered with our Stay Home Guide — tap to read more!

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