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Tried & Trusted: Ellen Chan Reviews Style Theory Care

Welcome to Tried and Trusted, a series where our community share their honest reviews and experience with our designer bags membership plans, and in this case, Style Theory Care!

In this instalment, the spunky Ellen Chan shares her journey with us:

Name: Ellen Chan, @ellenchansie
Age: 27
Occupation: Manager
Subscribed since 2019
Owns 6 designer bags
Rented 8 designer bags with Style Theory Bags

@ellenchansie carrying Dior with Style Theory Bags Membership

What is your current habit when it comes to shopping for designer bags?

Getting a designer bag is a huge investment, so I always make it a point to research about the bags before making a purchase. Authenticity is a big factor to me, so I only shop from stores or reputable online platforms for secondhand bags. Once I fall in love with a designer bag that I see on social media, I will set my sights on it and start doing the research!

How do you maintain the bags you purchase?

I have a pretty hectic schedule, so I hardly have the time to maintain them regularly. However, I always ensure that I have the following items in check: the authenticity card, dustbag and original packaging. You’ll never know when these will come in handy!

As a proud owner of designer bags, what made you consider a renting subscription?

The main thing about Style Theory’s Designer Bags Membership that appealed to me was the value for money. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on one designer bag, I get to carry so many more at just $129 a month. The more bags I try, the more I save! It’s also more worth my money to rent bags that are harder to maintain and keep. I’ve also rented some designer bags that aren’t worth purchasing, because I foresee myself only using them once or twice!

The Covid-19 situation has put many of daily lives on pause — how has your regular routine changed now that we’re staying and working from home more often? Do you still continue to dress up for yourself at home? 

The Covid situation has not impacted me much, fashion-wise as I need to head out daily for work. I still make it a point to dress and doll myself up, even when I’m home. It helps to boost my confidence and it feels good! Besides, you’ll never know when you’ll come across an amazing #OOTD opportunity.

@ellenchansie carrying Louis Vuitton with Style Theory Bags Membership

Tell us more about the designer bags you’ve rented with Style Theory!

I’ve rented about 8 bags now! My favourites are from Chanel, Dior, and Louis Vuitton. I rented a  Chloé Nile that was a tad too tiny for me, although it was a really cute accessory. My favourite so far is the Louis Vuitton New Wave. I carried that bag everywhere I went, and it made all of my outfits pop. I initially picked it to try something bold and new, but I ended up falling in love with it. Now I’m even considering buying one for myself!

@ellenchansie carrying Chloé with Style Theory Bags Membership

From browsing the app to actually receiving the rented bag — what was your first impression like when your first box arrived? 

The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging. The bags were well-protected and handled with care. The best part: The packaging is sustainable!

Did you have any fears before you started renting? 

Initially, I was really worried about damaging the bags. There was definitely a lot more pressure since they were not my own. Due to this, I was extra careful whenever I carried them out. I eventually overcame the fear after discovering Style Theory Care, which is like an affordable  ‘insurance’ top-up that protects against accidental damages!  

After renting for over 6 months, you’re a seasoned pro! Do you have any advice for new Style Theory members?

My advice is to plan what kind of bags you want to rent. This made my rental experience much more exciting! In my first month, I rented a Saint Laurent bag for everyday occasions. For the second, I opted for bold designs and focused on matching my outfits. By the third month, I rented bags that I wanted to purchase to try them out. Well, I ended up not purchasing the bags that I initially wanted!

@ellenchansie carrying Saint Laurent with Style Theory Bags Membership

Do you have any interesting stories to share about your experience with our bags? 

I mentioned earlier that one of my fears about renting designer bags was that I might damage them. For peace of mind, I opted in for Style Theory Care so that I can rent bags worry-free. Sure enough, I got into an accident with my bag — it got stained by a red romper that I was wearing for the first time. This was a huge surprise to me, since I’ve never encountered such an issue before. Style Theory Care was a huge lifesaver. Because of it, I didn’t need to pay anything above $75 for restoring the accidental damages! It such a worthy investment and I’ve always made it a point to opt in to Style Theory Care now. 

@ellenchansie carrying Louis Vuitton with Style Theory Bags Membership

Will you continue to rent with Style Theory? And, from this experience, will you be purchasing any of the bags you rented?

Yes, definitely! A Designer Bags Membership has saved me from several impulse purchases. The experience allowed me to discover that I tend to get bored of my bags rather quickly. I’ve become more conscious of my wardrobe now, and I make it a point to only purchase things that I truly love. 

Inspired by Ellen’s journey with Style Theory Bags? Join the renting revolution with her to own less and access more!

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