Styling the Bump: Elfiana Ismail

The Styling The Bump series encourages new moms-to-be to embrace their bump with styles that flatter the bump, without spending on maternity wear that they end up stashing away after pregnancy. By renting, we want to promote a more sustainable lifestyle that’s also financially sustainable! 

We met with Elfiana Ismail, a content creator and loving mother of one (with another on the way!) to share with us her maternity journey.

Hello Elfiana! Thank you for taking the time to have a chat with us, we are so happy and excited for you! You are now in your third trimester, how has your pregnancy experience been so far?

Unlike my first pregnancy which was a breeze, the second time around is a bit more challenging. But, hey! You know what they say: “no two pregnancies are the same” and every child is a blessing, so I like to remind myself to focus on the good. 

What were your first emotions when you found out you were pregnant with your second child?

I’ve always wanted two children. Two kids, two parents — that had always seemed like a solid and rational equation to me. Although, I did tell my husband that if number two doesn’t happen by the time I turn 30, I’ll settle with just Kyloza, because I know I’ll be done having kids by then. I’m grateful that it all worked out in the last year of my twenties!

We heard that you had morning sickness in your first trimester — which lasted throughout the fasting month. You’re amazing! How did you cope? What advice do you have for fellow mums-to-be who might find themselves in a similar situation? 

It’s my second time going through the fasting month while being pregnant, and perhaps that’s how I knew my limits. My advice is to listen to your body. Don’t compare your journey with anyone’s and don’t force yourself just because others could do it. Your baby is your number one priority after all.

What was one piece of advice given to you that’s stuck with you on your journey to becoming a mother with Kyloza, and has still remained true with your current pregnancy?

“The sooner you come to terms with the fact that there’s no right or wrong way of parenting, the faster you’ll get a hold of it.” Parenting is not a one-size-fits-all, and that applies to pregnancy too.

Could you share with us how your daily routine is like since becoming pregnant? What has changed since becoming pregnant? 

Having a toddler in tow only means that I can’t let my pregnancy get in the way of my daily routine because I am already a mother. While it can be exhausting not getting to rest as much, Kyloza has been my motivation to keep pushing day by day — almost preparing me for what’s to come.

What are some of the challenges you face when dressing your bump?

I find the maternity collection to be quite niche which is why I lean on non-maternity clothes most of the time. While sizing up helps to accommodate my bump, the fitting on other areas tends to be off.

At which point of your pregnancy did you start flaunting the bump with Style Theory’s Infinite Wardrobe?

It started in the second trimester — that was when my bump started to show.

Renting your bump-friendly outfits instead of buying can be seen as a sustainable choice. If you plan to keep a sustainable lifestyle, how would you do it?

Oh, I’m already on it! Plenty of hand-me-down clothes for my second born because babies seem to outgrow everything every second!

What are some things you look out for when it comes to renting clothes?

When renting clothes during my pregnancy, measurements and material are the most important for me. 

As a soon-to-be mum of two, how will your fashion habits change for you? Do you see yourself prioritising comfort and convenience, or continue with a kick-ass fashion sense? How do you see Style Theory fitting into your motherhood journey — post-pregnancy and beyond?

Comfort is key, but make it cute! I always need to ensure that whatever I’m wearing isn’t going to restrict my movements, and material-wise, it has to be weather-friendly. Learning from my previous pregnancy, I knew I didn’t want to waste money on maternity wear, and that’s when Stye Theory came to mind.

Renting while accommodating to my ever-growing bump is a win. I believe the same applies to post-pregnancy. While giving my body time to heal, the journey will be filled with a variation of body sizes before finally settling at a certain size for good.

What are your top 3 hits about Style Theory’s service?

Convenience, efficiency, and sustainability!

What would you want to see more of from Style Theory?

Although the current collection has been up to my liking, I hope that Style Theory can expand on the range and styles in their maternity collection in the future!

Last but not least, do you have any tips or advice for fellow moms-to-be?

Do what works for you and your baby!

Rent bump-friendly styles and maternity wear from the Infinite Wardrobe and spend less on clothes that you’ll only wear a few times!

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