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MFW: Flamboyant Styles To Try This Season

When it comes to over the top, flamboyant styles, nothing beats the streets of Milan Fashion Week.  We’re not just talking about bold colours, but also big bows, polka dots and pleated skirts. 

Tired of minimal and monochrome outfits and want to break out of your usual style routine? You don’t have to rule out your basics – simply switch things up with these flamboyant styles! 

#1. Pleated Skirts

For starters, let’s go easy – – pleated skirts are great when you want a look that isn’t flat but nothing too extravagant to handle. Pleats are great because they create an elongated illusion–especially great if height isn’t in your favour. 

You can pair pleated skirts with a basic camisole, button up shirt or a simple T-shirt. The focus of the skirt will be enough to create the volume you want. 

#2. Polka Dots

Dots, dots and more dots! 

Fashion Week has proven yet again that dots are back in trend (even in NYFW). Though it’s loud and can sometimes go over-the-top, this mainstay pattern is lovable and easy to try.

Polka dot patterns are pretty versatile, coming in different sizes, shades and patterns. The flexibility of this pattern makes every design piece unique and that’s what we love about it. 

You can even pick the intensity of the look just by going for a different size of polka dots. Depending on what look you’re going for, the different sizes and colours of polka dots creates a different look.

#3. Pussy Bows

Also known as pussycat bows, pussy bows takes a form of a bow tied around the neck of a top or blouse. Despite the controversy it has behind the name, this design is particularly popular and was introduced by big designer brands like Chanel and Saint Laurent. 

This season, bows are getting bigger and more exaggerated. Of course, there are simple ones which are great for more casual days. Since this season’s pussy bows are pretty big, you can choose to wear simple bottoms for a more balanced look. But if you aren’t afraid to show off, brighter colours will definitely bring out the loud factor more.

Whether it’s pleats, dots or bows, you can create a look that’s flamboyant and still uniquely you! If you aren’t sure which style fits you, rent and try, and you might find one that sticks.

Check out our top picks for pleats, dots and bows: 

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