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Style Theory: Store explore: Style Theory opens its first physical store at 313 Somerset

Lifestyle Asia: The premise is simple: Browse the app, choose your clothes and have it delivered to you for use for a few days, before it gets returned. Rinse and repeat. At first glance, it seems to be the anti-thesis of shopping in an era of fast fashion where clothes are almost treated like disposables and meant to last a few months at most.

Look deeper, and you’d realise that this mindless rotation is a symptom of a deep-seated need: to have the freedom to pull off any look you like to suit the occasion. Style Theory, a homegrown subscription-based apparel and accessories rental service founded by Raena Lim and Chris Halim does that — minus the part where the customer would have to amass a growing junkpile of clothes.

The store’s facade.

They believe in having an infinite wardrobe, available to consumers via renting and sharing. Using their mobile app, you can have access to over 50,000 designer garments and accessories, as well as more than 2,000 designer bags yours to rent for the month.

So successful is the duo that they’ve announced their brick-and-mortar flagship at 313 Somerset after three years of operating as an e-commerce business that dabbled with the occasional pop-up.

Raena Lim, co-founder of Style Theory.

“We’ve been blown away by the impact Style Theory has had on shoppers in Singapore over the last three years, and we’re extremely excited to be launching our first permanent retail store as part of our goal to make sharing fashion the norm. Having successfully launched various pop-up stores throughout the years, we recognise that a physical space allows customers to easily find their perfect fit and interact with a like-minded community, which encourages them to embrace the idea of renting and reduce wasteful purchasing as part of the shift towards sustainable living,” said Raena Lim, co-founder of Style Theory.

The art display at the Style Theory store

As you step into its 1,500 square feet store, you will be greeted by an immersive life-sized art installation – The Infinite Wardrobe  designed in collaboration with Laura Francois, a prominent social impact strategist and sustainability advocate. This three-metre tall installation created entirely with recycled clothing is the core of Style Theory, which represents a future of having a boundless wardrobe while abiding responsible shopping habits.

Another store display.

At their new store, feel free to see, touch, try and rent apparel pieces or designer bags on the spot. Whether it is for everyday wear, work, special occasions or for the weekends, you will surely find something you love with its vast selection of apparel and bags to pick from.

If you’ve always been hesitant about renting garments from Style Theory because you’re concerned about not being able to try the pieces on beforehand, the opening of this physical store should solve your woes. It’s time to start your journey with sustainable fashion.

Text: Jaime Foo / Lifestyle Asia

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