Bags Talk: Why I’m Still Subscribing During COVID-19

It’s official: The fashion industry, and more specifically, the way we shop and choose what we pull out of our wardrobes each morning have inevitably taken a backseat. The shift is clear that the majority of us are redirecting our spending power to what we deem as essential now. And amidst the fear of using preloved designer bags during the Covid-19 pandemic, we hear you asking — to rent or not to rent? Let’s hear what our Style Theory Bags members  have to say:

Why am I still subscribing?

#1 It’s business as usual


Name: Dilah R
Subscribed since: January 2020
Rented: 8 designer bags with Style Theory Bags

“I chose to continue my subscription during the Circuit Breaker period because somehow in a way or another, it gives me the encouragement to go back to work on a daily basis (I belong in the essential services). I’m also enjoying the waiver of top-ups required to rent designer bags from the Premium collection!”

Explore Dilah’s rented styles from Style Theory Bags:


Name: Amanda Gnaraj
Subscribed since: March 2020
Rented: 3 designer bags with Style Theory Bags

“I still have to go to work as I’m in the banking industry. Also, with the premium fee waived, I was excited to try more designer bags!”

Explore Amanda’s rented styles from Style Theory Bags:

#2 Support local


Name: Vivienne Quek
Subscribed since: February 2020
Rented: 4 designer bags with Style Theory Bags

“The Circuit Breaker is a difficult time for everyone. But I would like to continue to support local businesses. Besides, receiving a designer bag is a way to keep ourselves happy and positive during this time! The Circuit Breaker doesn’t mean we have to be sloppy — I want to look presentable even while working from home.”

Explore Vivienne’s rented styles from Style Theory Bags:

#3 Every day is a reason to dress up


Name: Ashley Chan
Subscribed since: January 2020
Rented: 8 designer bags with Style Theory Bags

“Running essential errands like grocery shopping or buying food for my family can be a great reason to dress up too! And carrying a designer bag when you’re out and about, even for a short while, is the easiest way without overdoing it.” 

Explore Ashley’s rented styles from Style Theory Bags:

#4 Exclusive member perks 


Name: Garett Ann
Subscribed since: December 2018
Rented: 15 designer bags with Style Theory Bags

“I like the fact that Style Theory Bags thought of ways to keep me interested. The 3-months offer of free access to Premium bags could last me beyond Circuit Breaker, which is only a month and a half, which means I can still flaunt my Premium bags after the Circuit Breaker measures are eased! I’ve also decided to take this opportunity to try out the bags that are usually unavailable because they’re so popular with the community. So that’s a win for me!”

Explore Garett’s rented styles from Style Theory Bags:

#5 100% fun, 0% buyer’s remorse


Name: Nabillah Azman
Subscribed since: December 2019
Rented: 8 designer bags with Style Theory Bags

“I chose to stay because I still go to work from time to time as my company falls under the essential services — and I love luxury bags! Style Theory Bags has allowed me to explore and change my bags regularly rather than sticking to just one option for a long time as I don’t want to have buyer’s remorse.

Renting has also helped me to save space in my room, and I do enjoy taking Instagram photos with the rented bags from too!”

Explore Nabillah’s rented styles from Style Theory Bags:

Renting with a peace of mind during COVID-19

At Style Theory Bags, we’re all about stringent quality control and hygiene, simply because it is a responsibility we pride ourselves in. Our processes include a rigorous amount of checks – from receiving your returned packages to the collection of a new box, we’re focused on ensuring the quality and hygiene of our products to be at a high standard. 

Read here to find out more about our heightened hygiene measure amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Editor’s note: From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for showing us so much love in these uncertain times. With the overwhelming support from our community, we’re confident that we can brave this together!

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