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Style Theory Bags Consignment: Trust The Process

Living in a country as small as Singapore, space is something precious that we all treasure. But one thing that many ladies struggle with is having one too many designer bags sitting at the back of your closets, neglected. You’ve worn them, loved them but somehow, you don’t really fancy them anymore. You’re keen on the idea of consigning, but what holds you back are the myths of consignments, such as the often-tedious process, and the ever-present fear that your bag would return to you in shambles. 

We get it. It takes a leap of faith to consign and leave the fate of your bags in someone else’s hands, so we’ve taken the effort to break our consignment process down for you, so you can set your heart at ease. Here’s what happens when you choose to consign with Style Theory Bags: 

#1. Fuss-free Concierge Service

We provide fuss-free concierge services – but nothing like the physical concierge that you see in malls. Our team is available on WhatsApp to chat with you should you have any pressing questions about Style Theory Bags’ consignment service. 

We know the need to have your questions answered when it comes to consigning away a bag that has value to you. So feel free to contact the team, and they’ll attend to any queries you might have!

#2. Doorstep Pick-up

Having to arrange transport or delivery service to drop off your bag might be too much of a hassle – we get it! Should you decide to proceed to the next step of consignment, Style Theory Bags will arrange for our delivery team to do a complimentary pick-up. 

That way, the location of your bag will be tracked, allowing the team to ensure it reaches our warehouse safely. Bags are also sealed in a polymailer to ensure they are well protected. So don’t worry about it being damaged in transit.

#3. Free Authentication

As we ensure the best products for our subscribers, our team of authentication experts validates the authenticity of each bag, and holds them to the highest industry standards and in-house authentication process. So don’t worry if you don’t have your authentication card or the original box for your designer bag!

#4. Non-Obligatory Quote

Before you decided to consign your bag or list your bags for sale on Style Theory’s platform, the team will provide you with a non-obligatory quote which consists of:

(1) valuation, 

(2) monthly payout, and

(3) estimated selling price

Upon receiving this quote, you can do either of two things: proceed to sign a contract to consign your designer bag, or take some time to consider and think about it! There is no obligation to sign even if the quote is given to you. 

#5. Dedicated Account Manager

We understand that once your bag has been consigned, you’d want updates and have more queries about your consignment journey with us.  

All consignors are assigned a dedicated account manager to make your journey as a consignor as rewarding as possible. If there’s anything you need to know while your bag is consigned with us, you can easily reach out to your dedicated account manager for assistance!

#6. Professional Cleaning and Maintenance

One of the worries when consigning is the maintenance of their precious designer bags. We get it, no one wants to have their bag returned looking worse off than before. Style Theory’s consignment process includes professional and meticulous cleaning and maintenance! 

Our team of experts ensures the bag goes through a thorough process of cleaning before and after it’s been rented out. So don’t worry about it, we ensure that your bag will be returned to you in great condition!

At Style Theory, we’ve got all the bases covered to make sure your consignment journey with us is seamless and smooth.

Now that you have a better understanding of the consignment process with Style Theory Bags, pick up those bags you haven’t been carrying and consign them to Style Theory Bags today.

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