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Tried and Trusted: Charlotte Mei Reviews the Style Theory Bags Subscription

Welcome to Tried and Trusted, a series where our community shares their honest reviews and experience with our designer bags rental subscription plans.

In this instalment, the bubbly Charlotte Mei shares her experience with Style Theory Bags.


Charlotte Mei, @thecharlottemei
Age: 27
Occupation: Nutritionist/Media Presenter
Subscribed since: January 2020
Owns: 6 designer bags
Rented: 3 designer bags with Style Theory Bags


Why did you consider a renting subscription like Style Theory? 

Before making a big purchase on a designer bag, I tend to do a lot of research online, as well as find styling inspiration from social media or fashion sites. But with Style Theory, I save a lot of time on pre-purchase research — instead, I can simply try the bag out first in real life to see if it actually suits me! 

Renting is also much more sustainable than buying. There’s less waste contributed to the environment, as opposed to when you own more than you can use. Besides, renting lets me experiment and play with styles without actually committing to the full four-figure sum of a bag! 

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How do you maintain the bags you purchase? 

I simply keep my bags away in their dust bags from sunlight whenever I’m not using them, and I make sure to store them in proper humidity conditions. Also, to ensure that the investment value of my designer bags doesn’t depreciate, I keep the original packaging and the authenticity card.

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What’s on the list of designer bags you want to rent?

I’ve wanted to rent items from Chanel, however most of them were currently rented by other subscribers! Instead, I rented smaller bags (not brand specific) as I don’t own them in my collection, and I wouldn’t usually think of buying these!

Tell us more about the bags that you’ve rented!

I tend to rent smaller bags for dinners and events, because I wouldn’t splurge on occasion bags I’d only use a few times a year. The quality of the bags I’ve rented have been great, and the condition is almost as good as new! One thing I noticed, though, is that the small bags tend to be slightly smaller than described in-app, so be mindful of that. 

Which has been your favourite bag you’ve rented so far?

I’d recommend everyone to try the pink robot Prada bag I rented because it’s quirky and unique. But probably one of my favourites right now is the red vintage Chanel bucket bag. It takes me from morning to night, and I love that it holds my iPad too, so I can get work done on the go.


What are some of your favourite features from our app?

One of my favourite features is the wishlist function! I often browse by Designer, and with a smart filter for colour, size, and category, and I’ll add the bags I like into my wishlist so I have easy access to them for my next box.

Do you have any tips for readers based on your experience with Style Theory?

Plan in advance, and have back-up bags in mind if you’re renting for a particular occasion! And if you’re paranoid about thinking of when to reserve or return your bags, set calendar alarms on your phone like I do!

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We’ve loved having you as a subscriber with Style Theory! Are you considering buying any of the bags you’ve tried with us so far? 

I’m really happy renting bags from Style Theory too, especially for special occasions, or when I want to experiment something new. As of yet, I don’t see myself purchasing any new bags; however in the event that I do want to buy a new one, I can totally see myself first trying it out with Style Theory!

Inspired by Charlotte’s journey with Style Theory Bags? Join the renting revolution with her to own less and access more!

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