X-files: How To Rent From Style Theory Like A Pro

Renting from Style Theory’s Infinite Wardrobe can be challenging at times with 20,000+ outfits to choose from, weekly curations to sift through, smart filters to turn on/off and the like. So we asked our stylish insiders to share their pro-renting tips for every occasion.

WomenOfStyleTheory: @valerieanglj wearing Kindred Playsuit by FINDERS KEEPERS from the Infinite Wardrobe

Valerie, what’s your go-to weekend style?

I like fuss-free styles on the weekends. Something colourful or detailed, and no means boring. Weekends are meant for fun pieces and style experiments! After the first time I rented wrap dresses, I never looked back and it’s one of the more popular styles I rent from Style Theory.

What’s your pro-renting tip?

I drop off my Style Theory package at the HQ office to enjoy the Instant Unbook feature. I get to pick 3 new pieces for my next day pick-up immediately!


#WomenOfStyleTheory: @kaylynang wearing Rochester Midi Dress by TALULAH from the Infinite Wardrobe

Kaylyn, what’s your party dress code?

I like to mix glam and party styles for a night out. I have chosen this outfit to attend my best friend’s wedding. I am ready for a wedding dinner with my beloved friends and an after-party event after! Being able to rent my items from Style Theory has made dressing up for occasions so much easier!

What’s your pro-renting tip?

I rent pieces that are versatile–they can be worn for either a brunch gathering with my friends over the weekends or even a dress down Friday at work. In this way, it is easier for me to play around with the different styles and get the most out of my subscription!



Abigail, what’s one of your favourited picks from the Infinite Wardrobe?

I often rent pieces that work great for pear-shaped bodies like me. One of my favourites is the Memento Mini Dress with its waistband and flirty flared skirt works well with my body shape. I’m also in love in the deep tangerine colour and textured soft cotton fabric.

What’s your pro-renting tip?

I trust the app to give me the best size recommendations based on my measurements. It’s hard to find clothes in stores based on just looking so I’m glad I can rely on tech to provide a fit score for every outfit in the Infinite Wardrobe. I also earn Stars through the Rewards program when I stay subscribed longer, so I get to redeem a 4th and 5th piece in my boxes! 

Besides the app, I think it’s good to connect with Style Theory on Instagram (@styletheorysg) too. Not only do I get inspired by the community of other #WomenOfStyleTheory who pull off those dresses well in real life, I also get in on giveaways or exclusive promos for subscribers.


Image from iOS (7)

Joslyn, what’s your style criteria?

I like clothes that are not one dimensional–this dress is a perfect mixture of glam and comfort. Plus, I really love the cutting of the dress having to show skin but not too much, which is definitely suitable for situations like CNY visitations!

I’m technically an hourglass but closer to pear shape as my hips are a little bigger. I tend to then pick items that have to be a good fit on my hips and bust.

You could always count on push up bra to boost the measurements around your bust area but hips are something I would definitely not be able to take in. For waist (which I could take in 2-4 cm), sometimes I wear corset/shapewear so that it looks nicer when I wear tight fitting clothes!

What’s your pro-renting tip?

I love the new Wishlist feature where you can create your own “collection”, much like an album or board. I created a Party collection, which helps me categorize the wishlist’s items that I’ll want to rent next, rather than like scrolling through my long list!

When I have the time, I’ll click on the Eye Icon on the top right of the app to see the whole entire inventory or just see those available! This let me know what I can wishlist that is unavailable now but will be available in the Infinite Wardrobe soon!


Image from iOS (1)

Angela, what’s your personal style?

I enjoy to mix and match different styles from the Infinite Wardrobe with my own basic pieces. The different coordination will give the same items a very different feeling and new life! Usually, the items with strong design elements or statement details can easily stand out and get embedded in memory, so it is difficult to wear them too often. I find it safe to experiment with such beautiful and bold styles when I rent from Style Theory so I don’t have to commit to buying them to only wear them a few times.

What’s your pro-renting tip?

I look forward to the New Arrivals on Tuesdays (7pm)! While the Infinite Wardrobe is refreshed with more picks every night and there’s always enough in demand on regular nights, Tuesdays are exciting because there are new arrivals to pick from, and on Wednesdays, there are new themed curations that make every renting experience different and fun.


image (3)

Fareena, what’s your usual 9-5 style?

I love jumpsuits because I get to be comfortable while working. I also consider versatile styles for the hot weather in Singapore! You’ll see me with a jacket to wear in the office and remove when I’m out for lunch.

What’s your pro-renting tip?

Try everything. I build a wishlist of items I’ll want to try at some point during the year, and just add to box whenever I’m ready to rent! I find it easy to rent (less than 10 minutes) when I organize my wishlist and filter by colours and styles depending on the mood I’m having that day. That really trims down the selection from 20,000 styles to a small selection I curate by myself, for myself.



It’s as simple as rent, wear, repeat. Unlimited styles for every woman who wants to explore new trends and discover her personal style!

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