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Celebrating Diversity In Our Community: Stories from our Women of Style Theory and their personal styles

Having your own style perspective can come across bold and confident. It can also be a challenge to own your personal style voice in the conversations about trends and fashion elite. With Instagram’s birth in 2010 and social platforms giving everyone a voice and a platform to listen to fashion interests beyond fashion insiders, fashion is democratised and has evolved to more inclusive and diverse styles

At Style Theory, we want to push that dialogue along and encourage our #WomenOfStyleTheory to embrace their styles nuances and discover their personal style. We want to celebrate the differences that make the difference with those who are unafraid to try and experiment with fashion and surprise themselves.

Meet Nadiah, Cheryl, Kathleen, Ann and Adele.

#WomenOfStyleTheory: Nadiah in Loose Satin Dress With Lace Details by Nissa (left) and Cheryl in Darkest Light Blazer by Keepsake (right)

Myth: You can’t be stylish and embrace modest wear at the same time.

Undaunted and living loud, Nadia is unafraid to put modest wear in the spotlight with her personal iteration of style. Staying true to her personal philosophy, she speaks her opinion about dressing for yourself in the age of diversity with pride, style, and flair!

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Myth: Fashion can offend people, so you need to stay within the lines.

A fashion editor by calling, Cheryl is one who defines her personal style and lives by it. She dresses not to please others or conform to trends, but to work fashion into her daily life and live it.

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Myth: Use fashion to create the persona you want and change the flaws you cannot accept.

Embracing fashion as a tool, Kathleen has always used it to communicate and have fun. Knowing what works for her body shape and lifestyle, she has created a style that represents how she wants to be seen and communicates how she sees fashion–as an enhancement to flatter the lifestyle she leads, and the other way around.

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Myth: Multitasking amounts to little success if you’re a jack-of-all-trades.

Living a multi-hyphenate life is more than just a passion for entrepreneur Ann. She successfully leads a business while juggling a modelling career and an academic career on-the-go, stylishly!

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#WomenOfStyle Theory: Nadiah in Sorro Dress by Style Mafia (left) and Adele in Wild Things Lace Mini Dress by Keepsake (right)

Myth: Dress for others and less for yourself. It’s all about impressions.

Dressing for yourself is the new black. From finding personal happiness when it comes to dressing up to discovering what styles work best for you and your body shape, Adele has found fashion freedom through the art of dressing up!

Read about our interview with Adele.

Be inspired with the stories from our #WomenOfStyleTheory and own your personal style. Whether you are into flamboyant colours and loud prints or minimalistic silhouettes, start discovering your personal style and own your look. With an Infinite Wardrobe for All, it’s easy and effortless to find your own style and chart your own course into self-discovery, confidence and self-love.

Browse the collection from the Infinite Wardrobe here.

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