Celebrating Diversity In Our Community: Stories from our Women of Style Theory On Body Positivity

From the Infinite Wardrobe: (clockwise) Munah in Leopard Dress by The Fifth Label, Abhirami in Accordion Pleated Dress by Bonsui,  Audrey in Sleeveless Halter Maxi Dress by BCBGeneration and Isabella in Gentle Innocence Mini Dress by Talulah.

A critique we often make about fashion is that it generally fails to represent a variety of body shapes. Real bodies don’t get represented enough and we want to quit waiting for fashion to get its act together. 

At Style Theory, we want to start the conversation about promoting body positivity and celebrate the differences that make the difference–by changing the game on only dressing up to impress to start dressing up for yourself first. We want to encourage #WomenOfStyleTheory with personal stories to inspire others to see it from a renewed body-beautiful perspective and find that self-love and confidence.

Meet Munah, Abhi, Audrey and Isabella.


From the Infinite Wardrobe: (left to right) Isabella in Interrupt Long Sleeve Dress by Cameo, Audrey in Lace Sleeveless Dress With Collar by Endless Rose, Munah in Emulate Dress by Elliat and Abhirami in Naomi Ruffled Top by Rachel Antonoff


Myth: Being petite means there isn’t much need to build up strength or muscles.

Embracing fitness and building definition is part of Isabella’s fitness of looking good and feeling better. Addressing the common concern for petite women who are afraid of looking too muscular with an exercise regime, she is finding the right exercises to build lean muscles and definition without looking disproportionate. 

Read about our interview with Isabella.

Myth: Tall girls have it easier when it comes to dressing up.

Tall girls lament about not having the liberty of wearing heels without towering over their peers, and petite girls dislike walking in heels that hurt their feet all the time. While you can’t please everybody, Abhi knows who to keep happy all the time–herself. Why not wear heels and have as much fun with fashion, especially if you’re tall?

Read about our interview with Abhi.


Myth: Moms can’t have fun with fashion. That’s not their priority.

Debunking how moms can’t have it all, supermom Audrey shows how fashion can be very much part of her daily life as she practices self-care amidst the busyness of raising three children. She shares about embracing styles for her pear-shaped body and celebrating motherhood.

Read about our interview with Audrey.

Myth: Hourglass bodies have it easy when it comes to style and shopping.

While having an hourglass shape is easier when it comes to dressing up, it can also be challenging at times if you are more on petite side. But being fun-sized has its perks. Actress Munah knows it and isn’t afraid to flaunt it! Embracing her body shape and injecting her vivacious personality through heavy prints and bold details, she knows it–and owns it!

Read about our interview with Munah.


Be inspired with the stories from our #WomenOfStyleTheory and find new ways to show off what makes you unique. Whether you are into flamboyant colours and loud prints or minimalistic silhouettes, start discovering your personal style and own your look. With an Infinite Wardrobe for All, it’s easy and effortless to find your own style and chart your own course into self-discovery, confidence and self-love.

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