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Celebrating Diversity In Our Community: Stories from our Women of Style Theory On Shade Inclusivity

From the Infinite Wardrobe: (left to right) Zahra in Ellen Dress by Elliatt, Eswari in Endless Love Mini Dress by Keepsake and Michelle in On The Go Boiler Suit by Ghospell

It’s difficult to imagine in modern time as now that girls, and even women to this date, pray for different skin colour. Equal desirability and equal opportunity aren’t where we want it to be and that makes a facet of racism–colourism an obstacle we have to overcome as a society. So even though racial, age, ethnic and size diversity is improving in fashion and the media, not every person–male and female included–in our society is not getting the representation they deserve. 

At Style Theory, we want to have that conversation and celebrate the differences that make the difference–by addressing the growing pains of looking unlike others in your community. We want to encourage #WomenOfStyleTheory with personal stories to inspire others to own their beauty and find that confidence

Meet Zahra, Eswari, and Michelle.

From the Infinite Wardrobe: (left to right) Michelle in Monroe Midi Dress by Steele, Zahra in Silhouette Jumpsuit by Cameo and Eswari in Moonshine Dress by Keepsake

Myth: Having a fairer skin, I get more compliments and get it easier in life.

Light-skinned has its woes: people think you look pale and ill, and assume you’re not in the pink of health. But for visual merchandiser and style enthusiast Michelle, it’s about understanding what works for you and your unique characteristics–skin tone, body shape, and other traits to find a style that makes you feel better about yourself, every day. 

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Myth: Being in the public eye means you are 100% confident in your own skin, all the time.

When the spotlight is on you, so is the pressure to present the best version of yourself. Nothing looks better on you than self-confidence! Building the confidence on set while juggling the daily challenges as a student and budding entrepreneur, Eswari has it all under control.

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From the Infinite Wardrobe: (left to right) Zahra in Ellen Dress by Elliatt, Eswari in Endless Love Mini Dress by Keepsake and Michelle in On The Go Boiler Suit by Ghospell

Myth: Beauty pageants are a stroll in the park for good-looking people.

Beauty queen Zahra is one who’s familiar with the pageant circuit and the pressure it brings. Teacher by day, this social personality has put in the hard work and discipline behind the scenes to make a mark for herself and advocate hope and opportunity for better representation for minority communities in her industries.

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Be inspired with the stories from our #WomenOfStyleTheory and find new ways to show off what makes you unique. Whether you are into flamboyant colours and loud prints or minimalistic silhouettes, start discovering your personal style and own your look. With an Infinite Wardrobe for All, it’s easy and effortless to find your own style and chart your own course into self-discovery, confidence and self-love.

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