Celebrating Diversity In Our Community: Stories from our Women of Style Theory in their 20s, 30s, 40s

Let’s face it: Ageism is a thing. It’s an overlooked form of discrimination that makes ageing an issue, when it should, in fact, not be an issue at all. Embracing your body changes, not settling for age-appropriate stereotypes like dressing your age is part of everyday ageism criticism, and it’s time we celebrate the differences that make the difference with women of all ages. 

This season, we want to celebrate the differences that make the difference, so we asked four #WomenOfStyleTheory–in their 20s, 30s and 40s–about embracing the beauty of their age and defying the supposed limits of their age.

Meet Monica, Samantha, Sarah and Philomena.

#WomenOfStyle Theory: Philomena in Disguise Midi Dress by Stevie May (left) and Monica in Mae Dress by Finders Keepers

Myth: You can pursue a career and make the big career leaps only when you’re younger. It’s too risky for successful mid-life career switches!

Instead of letting the circumstances and pessimistic thinking set her back, Philomena decided to make a greater difference and purpose with the 23 years of experience and skills she has honed. 

Read about our interview with Philomena.

Myth: A young woman has to choose between career, family, and life. She can’t be diverse and have it all, successfully, at the same time.

She’s not one to take stereotypes and societal expectations at face value. Meet Monica, our effervescent personality who juggles work, acting, and living her best life!

Read about our interview with Monica.

#WomenOfStyle Theory: Sarah in Edwina Dress by Goldie (left) and Samantha in Aeron Halter Dress by Foxiedox (right)

Myth: How you live your 20s will determine your life in the 30s. 

An advocate of taking charge of your time, including the time taken to find your voice, meet Sarah who lives by the mantra that you should own your journey and be “the CEO of your life”. 

Read about our interview with Sarah.

Myth: Being young means you’re inexperienced and not wise enough to discern for yourself.

Led by passion and encouraged by actions, there’s no saying what Samantha wouldn’t do for the causes she fiercely believes in. Young age and newness will not hold her back.

Read about our interview with Samantha.

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