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Workbuddy Styling Session With Coach Shilpi

At the start of October, one of our stylists, Shilpi, held a styling workshop at Workbuddy, for women to better understand how to dress for themselves. 

As an image consultant, Shilpi is one of Asia’s first who has been trained in both fields of Positive Psychology and image management. She incorporates both aspects of her studies to transform people and their mentality towards positive dressing.

Her topic of dressing for success stands on the idea of rebooting our existing style instincts to create a new look for women’s image. She shared three main ways to rebooting one’s style instinct and dress better for success. If you missed her talk, here’s a summary of what she shared:

#1. Psychology of Colours

She taught her audience how to view colour and choose colours that improves your personal branding. By choosing colours that complement your skin, eyes and body shape, you’ll find yourself feeling more confident of yourself and the outfit you choose.

#2. Art of Right Contouring

Women have a tendency to hide their body fat by wearing baggy and loose clothing. However, that does no justice to their natural body curves, and instead makes them appear larger than they should be. 

She shared with the ladies various body contouring techniques and how they could choose certain clothing to contour their body.

#3. Money-saving

Shilpi also shared with the Women of Style Theory ways they can reduce their spending when it comes to retail therapy. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment and step out of your comfort zone once in a while. You’ll never know what style might surprise and flatter you!

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