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Women Who Run: Sofie

Meet Sofie Chandra:

Hi Sofie, we’re inspired by your career and your passion in running! How did you get started on your journey in running? 

It’s a funny story actually. My early motivation for running was to look attractive to my boyfriend. Now, I run because the sport has given me so much more than just fitness–I’ve developed friendships from weekly runs with the community and competitive marathon sessions, it also  offers me the opportunity to hopefully inspire others to take on the journey of running too. 

You are currently the Captain of Adidas Runners Singapore! What are some challenges being in this leadership position? 

It has been an amazing journey for me. As one of the captains of adidas Runners (aR), I manage new teams of crew members and lead weekly runs alongside three other captains. Besides that, we also plan and strategise running sessions with our coach while helping to build the aR community in Singapore.

The most enriching thing about being part of aR is that it is a global community. Regardless of where we travel to, we can always find a family to learn from and explore new running routes with. 

Is there any advice you would give someone who is looking to start a running hobby? 

To get started, it always helps to run with friends! Being part of The High Panters–arunning charity group, we get to run together every Sunday and are happy to welcome newcomers to join us anytime. 

We plan our routes and run by time instead of distance so that there isn’t any pressure. Most importantly, we start and end the run together. 

Every day is a different experience; some days are easier than others. It is not always  easy to get on our feet and start running–and that still remains a challenge for me! Having friends to rely on for encouragement is a huge motivation I’m blessed to have 

When it comes to running or doing sports, it’s really about how much you want it. If you want to make time to exercise, you will do so!

Style Theory decided to name you as part of the Women Who Run. What’s your take on ‘running’ as a lifestyle investment?

Thank you for this, I am very humbled by it. I never really saw myself as a competitive runner even till today. I see myself more of a leisure runner, someone who runs for fun. To date, I continue to have a love-hate relationship with running, but funnily, that keeps me going. While I constantly try to love running and get better at it, running has become a larger part of my life than before because through running, I have found two new families — adidas Runners and The High Panters. 

Running has its moments, but what I love about it most is thatthey are great for days when I want to spend time alone. I recently took up a challenge with one of my teammates to attempt a  #30Days30Mins Run Challenge. Setting a challenge and commitment to it is great because now, we have a goal to complete and rely on each other for motivation. The social accountability helps! The journey has been tough but I love that it forces me to be disciplined and helps me set my priorities. 

What’s your favourite part of being in the Adidas Runner Community?  

The people! The friendships forged and the fellowship of the community is a rewarding highlight of my journey in aR. I’ve also tasked myself to inspire one person for every run I go on with my aR family. 

Apart from being part of the Adidas Runners community, you’re also at Studio155. What’s a regular work week like for you? 

That’s what I love about running my own business; there’s no regular work week at all! Everyday, we’re hustling and brainstorming on campaign ideas, new pitches and I’m enjoying every bit of it.

You’ve been doing Marketing for various restaurants, clubs and bars. How did you come to this point in your career?  

My business partner, Si Hui and I started Studio155 about a year and a half ago. We are blessed to have the opportunity to work with brands and portfolios that we currently have. We pride ourselves in being a boutique agency and being personally involved in the projects that we do. 

What keeps you motivated and what do you do when you’re feeling less motivated some days? 

Travelling helps provide new perspectives. Even if it’s a short trip, I find myself finding new solutions and fresh ideas. If not, watching TV is my go-to stress-reliever and one of my favourite activities. 

What is it like to be a modern female today? 

Empowering. We live in an age where really anything is possible. 

Do you think there are still some occasions at the workplace where you have to prove yourself more, simply because you’re a woman?

Working in the nightlife industry, it can be challenging for a woman. But I always believe that building a team that supports you and believes in what you do definitely helps. 

What would you say to encourage other working women out there? 

Always be true to yourself and always put your happiness first. 

As a subscriber of Style Theory Apparel, what are some of your favourite hits about our service? 

It’s like opening presents every time a new box comes, I love that feeling. 

For me, convenience is a huge bonus; there isn’t even a need to collect or wash the outfits because they’re delivered and dry cleaned for you!

When it comes to renting and choosing your outfits, what are some considerations you have?

I rent for upcoming occasions while keeping to my personal style. Being able to plan my outfits and days as best to maximise the subscription is important to me. 

Where do you find motivation in your personal life? (Who and what motivates you?) 

There are various ways I find motivation. It could be through my friends and my boyfriend, daily experiences and travels. 

How do you describe your personal style? 

I dress how I feel! My personal style is diverse and always changing, usually depending on my mood. 

Do you have a quote you live by?

Do what makes your soul happy. 

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What are some of your favourite off-duty activities besides running? 

Watching Netflix or having a good cup of coffee. I will also not pass on good red wine and cheese!

What are some resolutions or changes you have made recently and have still kept to it? 

I’m on the #30Days30Mins Run Challenge and still on it! I’ve also signed up for a 20-week bikram programme, so I am trying to keep up to that as well and heading for 6.30am classes!

I’m hoping to engage in my first muay thai fight later this year, or next year!

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