From Our Members: Why I’m Still Renting Clothes During COVID-19

The last few months have been much of a blur — a global pandemic like COVID-19 forced shifts in lifestyles and habits that we’ve never experienced before. But as the gloomy clouds continue to part for clear open skies, and we finally get to connect (face to face, this time!) with our friends and family, it begets the question: to rent, or not to rent? Don’t just hear it from us though — here’s what five of our Style Theory members have to say about renting clothes in the time of a pandemic: 

Elizabeth Chan

I continued renting during Phase 1 and 2 of the Circuit Breaker because it’s important to still dress up — to feel good and look good! After all, I still need to go out on errand runs, and I still have media shoots at work, and social catch-ups with my friends or business associates. My renting habits have altered slightly too; since the Circuit Breaker, I’ve had to plan my schedules even earlier in advance, so I now get to plan my outfits and boxes ahead of time.”

Ananya Bhuyan

I am a student here and I believe in a minimal wardrobe – I don’t own much because I haven’t settled in one place in a long time! I also love trying on new clothes all the time and finding what styles suit me, which is why I chose to continue renting during the Circuit Breaker period. During Phase 2, I used Style Theory clothes to glam up my beach look, for small dinners with friends, and to take creative pictures at home! 

A lot of my friends in my immediate circle are subscribed to Style Theory too, and I’d encourage more to do so because it’s more sustainable as we reduce our ‘fashion footprint’! There’s also no worry about laundry, hygiene, and upkeep — Style Theory manages it for us.” 

Read here to find out more about our heightened hygiene measure amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Name: Lorraine Sanghani

“I actually paused renting for a short while. But once we were allowed to have small social gatherings again, it was worth renting to dress up again. I also wanted to save on doing my own laundry. Through renting, you get access to a giant wardrobe without needing the space and patience to carefully launder each piece!”

Name: Diana Ng

“Apart from Zoom calls, I’m out meeting clients face-to-face about three times a week, so it’s still beneficial for me to rent! For busy professionals like myself, I like renting to be free of the hassle of planning what to wear and where to dry-clean my clothes.  

I usually do my shopping overseas, and since we’re unable to travel now, Style Theory gives me much more options to choose!”

Name: Carolynn Goh

“I rented during the Circuit Breaker period because I’m a teacher and I had to return to work. I rent because I want a variety of comfortable yet trendy clothes. By renting, it would save me some money on having to shop constantly, and I can save the money for my own kids, and to buy snacks for my students!”

Ready to start renting for work and weekends with Phase 2’s easing of restrictions? Take a note from our avid members and rent from over 20,000 designer apparel pieces — laundry and ironing are on us! Join the renting revolution here.

Currently on pause with your subscription? Resuming is easy! Simply resume here, or open the Style Theory App > open Plan Details > tap Resume Subscription.

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Editor’s note: From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for showing us so much love in these uncertain times. With the overwhelming support from our community, we’re confident that we can brave this together!

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