RSVP in Style: Our Wedding Guest Guide To Dressing For Every Wedding Venue

Wedding season is a year-round affair in Singapore but what makes wedding guesting-attire more challenging (and fun!) than before is the new wedding locations that you don’t want to be underdressed, or even overdressed for.

From the Infinite Wardrobe: VESTA DRESS by O.P.T

Three simple rules we’d recommend for all wedding venues:

  • Reserve white outfits for the bride. The bride should always be the one to stand out on her wedding day, and one of the ways she does that is by being the only one in the room wearing white.
  • Always ask what the dress code is. Some couples prefer a black-tie dress code. It’s always good to ask.
  • Opt for details on your outfit from the waist up. Weddings are mostly seated and if you want to have fun taking photos, one way to stand out is the details on your shoulder or neckline.

We shortlisted 5 popular types of wedding venues for you to plan ahead and RSVP in style!

1.Church Wedding

Chapel venues are beautiful locations with tall arched ceilings, beautiful long aisle, full windows to let the light in, and wooden tones.

From the Infinite Wardrobe: SIENNA DRESS by DRA

Popular church weddings locations could be

  • the wedding couples’ home church,
  • The White Rabbit Restaurant
  • Alcove at Caldwell House

Some quick tips to dressing for a church wedding

  • Go for modest hemlines to match the environment
  • Avoid wearing darks if it’s a wedding lunch
  • Wear comfortable footwear if you predict there’ll be a lot of stair-climbing



Hotel ballroom venues are popular with couples who want to seat many guests and enjoy the grandeur of the grand ballroom setting. While some are black-tie, most couples are flexible with smart casual to smart dresscodes.

From the Infinite Wardrobe: DAWN CULOTTE JUMPSUIT by DUCHESS & CO

Popular ballroom weddings locations could be

  • Hotel Ballrooms
  • Country Club Ballrooms

Some quick tips to dressing for a hotel ballroom wedding

  • Go for glam. You don’t want to be underdressed for the ballroom setting
  • Opt for elegant details like satin for sheen or lace for quiet sophistication
  • A-line dresses work very well with ballroom settings
  • Your neckline and shoulder details matter as it’ll be a mostly seated down event


For some couples who rather something more cozy or intimate, they might hold their weddings at indoor cafes or smaller event spaces.

From the Infinite Wardrobe: FASCINATE DRESS by AMELIUS

Popular intimate space weddings locations could be

  • Wheeler’s Yard and Wheeler’s Estate
  • Little Island Brewing Co.
  • Boufe Boutique Cafe
  • Lewin Terrace
  • Tamarind Hill
  • Rider’s Café

Some quick tips to dressing for a intimate space wedding

  • Go for smart casual picks as it’s a cozy setting
  • Wear comfortable footwear if you predict there’ll be a lot of stair-climbing
  • Unsure if you’re seated indoors or outdoors? Bring an extra shawl or cardigan


Outdoor weddings in the gardens can be a wonderful affair where you get to celebrate with the happy couple in nature’s finest, with the beautiful backdrop of fairy lights and wallflowers. Popular themes at garden weddings are rustic vibes, so be sure to dress the part and not go for glam.

From the Infinite Wardrobe: SIENNA SLIP DRESS by LEOTA

Popular garden weddings locations could be

  • Open Farm Community
  • Villa Halia
  • Amara Sanctuary Resort
  • Alkaff Mansion

Some quick tips to dressing for a garden wedding

  • Go for pretty prints to make a statement. The garden setting is a beautiful place to showcase bright colours or loud prints
  • Play with off-shoulder or one-shoulder styles if you want to beat the heat without going for strapless styles
  • Wear comfortable footwear if you predict there’ll be a lot of stair-climbing or walking on deck
  • Unsure if you’re seated indoors or outdoors? Bring an extra shawl or cardigan


Beach or poolside venues are as inspiring as they are beautiful. With the waterfront view and amazing scenery, it’s hard to not want to transport yourself to a resort wedding right away.


Popular beach weddings locations could be

  • Tanjong Beach Club
  • Coastes Sentosa
  • Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa
  • Siloso Beach Resort

Some quick tips to dressing for a beach wedding

  • Opt for brighter hues or prints to complement the outdoor setting
  • Go for asymmetric hemlines or ruffle pieces to complement the relaxed beach vibes
  • Your shoe-wear-of-choice should be comfortable because of the different terrains
  • Experiment with different necklines to make your look pop

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