Wardrobe Woes: Bursting wardrobe yet nothing to wear?

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Let’s face it: Dressing up in the mornings is difficult. “What should I be wearing to the office today?” Every woman shares the universal wardrobe woe of staring down a bursting wardrobe yet feel like she has nothing to wear.

Here are five tell-tale signs that your wardrobe is in need of a clean up:

1. Your wardrobe no longer brings you joy

Wish you had an Instagram-worthy wardrobe? It’s easy to binge shop, but why add to the clutter with clothes that you’re not 100% in love with or face buyer’s remorse?

2. You only use 10% of what you own

It’s only natural that we reach for outfits that we feel most confident in. But aren’t you tired of dressing the same styles or repeating the same safe options? Don’t live out of a suitcase when you have all. that. wardrobe. space.

3. Your special occasion dresses never see the light of day

You splurged on these gowns and outfits for those fancy dinners, but they are too statement and memorable that you can’t risk repeating it (social media alert)! Now they’re taking up precious wardrobe space and never getting worn as much as you first intended it to be.

4. Your wardrobe is holding you back

You want to try new trends and fashion, but you don’t want to spend unnecessarily. You buy monochromatic pieces for the workplace that take you through the weeks and never experiment with new styles or start your personal style discovery.

5. You’re not as productive

You spend too much time in the morning getting ready for work, just to get lost in your sea of clothes and often find yourself rushing out of the door. You considered planning your outfits the night before but you’re left uninspired by your options.

Take control of your wardrobe and make every outfit in your coveted space count. Maximise your outfits when you mix and match, declutter your wardrobe to make space for new loves, and experiment with styles when you unlock wardrobe freedom!

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