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When it comes to the heart of Style Theory, our community is key. We would not be able to grow closer to achieving our mission nor create an impactful relationship with our subscribers we proudly call the #WomenOfStyleTheory without our community.

We want to be there for the good #OOTD times, the fun celebrations of womanhood, the growing pains of being better versions of ourselves, and the difficult conversations on how it feels to be a woman in 2020.

The team at Style Theory has curated a series of events to lift our community’s spirits up. And engage in more face time as we create a stronger movement and strengthen the fashion revolution in 2020!

The invitation to the events will be sent to the email registered with your subscription. If you have not received it, do write to events@styletheory.co

[Updated 25 Feb 2019]

29 February – Green Banana: Terrarium Workshop

Event Availability: Still Available

Interested to join this community event? Non-subscribers are welcome, though subscribers will enjoy member-only discounts. Sign up now!

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    1. Hi Eve, you can simply download the app and create a free account to browse the collection on the app.

      Alternatively, you can see our pieces in person at our stores and browse from the app on-the-go! Our fashion assistants at the store or the in-app customer service chat can definitely guide you through any queries you may have.

      Hope that helps!

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