Universal Appeal: Your Fashion & Lifestyle Go-To Styles


Always wanted a wardrobe that evolves with you throughout your weight gain and loss, age gracefully and de-emphasize some body parts? Cheat your way into a universally-flattering wardrobe with 6 styles recommendations. If you don’t already own them, rent these pieces from the Infinite Wardrobe and have fun with everyday dress up!

1. Universal-flattering One-piece: Jumpsuit

adelyn-rae-gianina-woven-printed-jumpsuit-1 (2)
From the Infinite Wardrobe:
Gianina Woven Printed Jumpsuit by ADELYN RAE

Want to look taller in jumpsuits? Go for structured jumpsuits or those that come with a waist tie to create the necessary definition for a flattering silhouette. The universally-flattering jumpsuit should approximate the shape of your body and not hug every curve like a bodycon piece. Browse all jumpsuits in the Infinite Wardrobe here.


2. Universal-flattering Skirt Length: Midi Skirts

From the Infinite Wardrobe: Melody Skirt by KEEPSAKE

Myth: you have to be tall to pull off a midi skirt. Contrary to popular belief, you can pull off midi skirts regardless of your height. In fact, it creates the illusion of elongated legs when it ends right below your knees and at the top of your calf muscles. Try it! Browse all midi skirts in the Infinite Wardrobe here.


3. Universal-flattering Blazers: Collarless Blazers

From the Infinite Wardrobe: Camille Cape Jacket by AIJEK

A traditional blazer can be tricky if you have a larger chest. But with a collarless blazer, you don’t get the odd gapes and creases. The smooth lines of a collarless blazer allow the front of the jacket to flow over your chest without any awkward bulging or emphasis! Browse all blazers in the Infinite Wardrobe here.


4. Universal-flattering Silhouette: A-line Dresses

From the Infinite Wardrobe: Clair De Lune Dress by ALICE MCCALL

A-line silhouettes are one of the most forgiving styles for all body types. It doesn’t hug your body at the wrong places, it nips at the waist to give the illusion of an hourglass figure, and creates the right proportion regardless of your body shape. Consider tops with peplum details if you to try A-line styles beyond dresses. Browse all dresses in the Infinite Wardrobe here.


5. Universal-flattering Colour: Blush and Teal

keepsake-stolen-dance-mini-dress-1 (1)
From the Infinite Wardrobe: Stolen Dance Mini Dress by KEEPSAKE

While often associated as a feminine colour, blush is a style staple in many wardrobes regardless of skin tone and style type because of its versatility to flatter. Want to try blush but you’re edgier? Go for moto jackets with a blush tee. Want to add blush into your work outfit? Pair your shift dresses with a blush scarf or blush heels. Browse all blush pink options in the Infinite Wardrobe here.

From the Infinite Wardrobe:
Elize Fit and Flair Dress by L.K.BENNETT

If you already own blush pieces and are looking to try another universal colour, try teal. This jewel tone adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit even as an accent detail. Craft your personal universally-flattering style with teal a-line dresses. Browse all teal designer pieces in the Infinite Wardrobe here.


6. Universal-flattering Neckline: V-neck

From the Infinite Wardrobe:
Lea Stripe Shirt by WHISTLES

The collarbone and decollete region is one of the most alluring parts of any woman. Wearing an open neckline that shows it off is going to create the illusion of curves!

We’re huge fans of wrap dresses with that V-neck detail, though if you’re top heavy or have an especially long neck, you have to be careful you don’t reveal too much with a V-neck. Do note that of all necklines, the strapless cut can make top-heavy women spill out, and thin women stretched to look giraffe-like. If you’re not sure what to try next, rent different neckline styles in your Style Theory box to find your fit.


Find and rent the universal styles to complete your wardrobe and never worry about dressing poorly for any occasion ever again!

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