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Try Before You Buy: The Dior Saddle, As Reviewed By 7 Style Theory Bags Members

After its millennium debut under the creative hands of John Galliano, the iconic equestrian-influenced Dior Saddle has enjoyed a renewed fervour in its cult It status since 2018. And what a ride it’s brought us on: under the directorship of Maria Grazia Chiuri, the Dior Saddle returned in an array of new colourways and textures that’ll frankly leave you quite spoilt for choice. As one of the most popular bags on our platform, our Style Theory community is just as in love with the Saddle as we are! We caught up with seven of our members to review their experience with the Dior Saddle based on five factors, and here’s what they thought: 

#1 Aesthetics: 👍👍👍👍+½ 

There’s nothing like the unique saddle-like design that adds an instant oomph and flair to your outfits. Its antique gold-finish metal seen in the “CD” signature hardware on the handle, and the magnetic “D” stirrup closure, juxtaposes beautifully against the gently sloping curves of the Saddle, which comes in smooth leather, the classic Oblique jacquard canvas, and even embroidery. Our Style Theory members couldn’t agree more too, with an average rating of 4.6:

#2 Weight: 👍👍👍👍

With ratings coming in hot at 4.9, our members loved the Dior Saddle for its light weight, making it an easy choice to carry along for any occasion, from shopping trips to girls’ night outs. With the Dior Saddle, you’ll feel comfortable carrying it throughout your day, without any uncomfortable straps digging into your shoulders.

#3 Size: 👍👍👍

While the Dior Saddle’s light and comfortable weight was a huge plus, it inevitably comes with a negative — its size. Its unique shape may be iconic, but it’s not the most practical in terms of capacity. If you’re planning to carry the Dior Saddle for your everyday activities, it’s best to keep those everyday items to the minimum. You’d have to skip out on your makeup pouch, umbrella, or notebooks on this one! Our Style Theory members rated this a borderline average of 3.3:

#4 Quality & Construction: 👍👍👍👍

There’s no denying the meticulous precision behind the creation of any designer bag. The House of Dior prides itself so much on this that they’re willing to give you a behind-the-scenes look into the making of the iconic Saddle: 


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As for our Style Theory members, they, too, can attest to the exquisite craftsmanship, with an average rating of 4.6:

#5 Everyday Versatility: 👍👍👍👍

The casual elegance of the Dior Saddle keeps it easy to style with your wardrobe. It looks feminine when paired with a puff-sleeved tea dress, and boyish-chic when paired with a monochrome shirt-and-jeans combo. You don’t even have to over-accessorise with your outfit — the big and bold gold-tone hardware will do all the talking for you. 

While the majority of our Style Theory members praised the Saddle for its easy versatility, the notably small capacity of the bag held a few members back from using it as their everyday bag. The average rating? A decent 4.1: 

After trying the Dior Saddle out for themselves, and with all five factors considered, our Style Theory members gave their final verdict: Is the Dior Saddle better rented or bought?  Drum roll, please!

Eyeing a Dior Saddle for yourself? Our members recommend you bring it out for a test drive first, so you can make sure that the bag you’re crushing on has the potential to last a happy life with you. Rent from our collection of Dior Saddle styles (or whichever bag you fancy!) from our Infinite Wardrobe of 2,200+ designer bags here.  

Read more about the history of the Dior Saddle and our other favourite iconic Dior bags here.

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