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Tried and Trusted: Sabrina Marican reviews our Bags Membership

We caught up with one of our favourite content creators, the fashionable and chic Sabrina Marican, on her renting experience with this Style Theory Bags Membership review!

Name: Sabrina Marican, @sabrinamarican
Age: 26
Occupation: Content creator and blogger
Subscribed since 2019
Owns 5 designer bags
Rented 6 designer bags with Style Theory Bags

What is your current habit when it comes to shopping for designer bags?

Before getting a bag, I love getting inspiration through Instagram. I’ve amassed my personal designer bag collection through getting them as gifts, or purchasing them during sales from boutiques and preloved stores! 

How has a renting subscription changed your perception of owning designer bags?

I think it has made me realise that I don’t have to spend so much money to appreciate branded bags. As long as I feel confident, renting is just as good!

The Covid-19 situation has put many of daily lives on pause — how has your regular routine changed now that we’re staying home? Do you still continue to dress up for yourself at home? 

Yes, I do! As a content creator, my work still goes on every day. Doesn’t change, to be honest, still dressing up and putting on makeup!

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Many subscribers have been using this stay-home period to rent experimental styles that they normally wouldn’t think of trying. How would you use your Bags subscription this period? 

I would take this chance to rent something different too, because I want to be creative at home when I’m creating content! I want colours and more designs. And I have time at home to dress up and try out different makeup looks to suit the bag style I rented.

What’s on the list of designer bags you rented and wanted to rent?

I love the latest Gucci Bag that I rented for Raya at home. It has exquisite florals, and the colour was so bright and outstanding. The condition of the bag was also great — it was really clean and well-maintained.

What are your favourite features from our app? 

I love the New Arrivals curation, as well as saving my favourite styles in my Wishlist collections. But the feature I use most of all is the smart filter. I usually browse by colour, size, and category based on the outfit I’m matching the bag to, as well as where I’ll be going — useful, of course! 

What were some of the fears you had when you first started renting with Style Theory Bags? 

Before renting the bag, I was afraid to ruin or dirty the bags. But I was very careful, and had to remind myself not to put too much pressure on myself. On top of that, I loved that the bag came carefully packed in dustbags with a conditions checklist that identified blemishes that existed on the bag before my rental — that was reassuring. 

After renting 6 bags with us, do share what your overall experience was like, and some tips to our readers. 

It has been smooth and positive because every pick was different, and I managed to pair them with my outfits without much hassle. The bags I chose were user-friendly and pretty too!

For my second and third month, I got so used to the app. I knew what I wanted, I knew what to look for in terms of colours and designs. I got comfortable with the bags, and I didn’t let my guard down when it came to ensuring it was okay and clean — it came naturally. 

In summary, will you continue to rent with Style Theory? And, from this experience, will you be purchasing any of the bags you rented? 

Yes of course I will! I won’t be purchasing because I highly believe in renting to save time and money.  and this process should be used by more of us in Singapore to reduce waste.

Inspired by Sabrina’s journey with Style Theory Bags? Buying a designer bag can be a commitment. That’s why we recommend renting your favourite designer bags. Rent designer bags starting at S$99/mth. Download the app and create a free account to explore the Infinite Wardrobe here.

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