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Tried and Trusted: Felicia Heng Reviews the Style Theory Consignment Service

Welcome to Tried and Trusted, a new series where our community shares their honest reviews and experience with our designer bag subscription and consignment plans.

Today, Felicia Heng walks us through her consignment journey with Style Theory:

Name: Felicia Heng
Age: 31
Occupation: Retail Executive
Owns: 5 designer bags
Bag consigned with Style Theory: Celine Edge Bag
Consignor since: November 2019

You’re quite the designer bag lover! How many designer bags do you currently own?

Just like clothes and shoes, bags are never enough! I currently own 5 designer bags.

Wow, you must have your own criteria when it comes to shopping for a designer bag. What’s on your checklist when you’re deciding to buy one?

The most important question I ask myself is, “how often will I use the bag?”

The bags that I own are mostly for everyday use. Usually, I’ll consider the style, price, and the probabilities of being caught on the streets carrying the exact same bag as someone else, haha. But, there are times when I just give in to impulse buys!

From Style Theory Bags: Celine Medium Edge Bag Vermillion

How often do you change your bags?

I carry a different bag almost every day! It depends on my mood that day, what outfit I’m wearing, and where I’m going. However, I know of friends who will use just one bag religiously until it “retires”.

Did you have any concerns before consigning your bags with Style Theory?

Frankly, I didn’t have any! My bag was just sitting in the back of my closet, so I thought there was really no harm trying the consignment service. 

Actually, I have a friend who consigned her own designer bag with Style Theory before I did, and I’ve heard first-hand from her about how carefully Style Theory maintains her bag between each rental. Personally, I would be concerned about the damage done to my bag by other users, but I’m more assured as Style Theory seems to be quite meticulous with their cleaning and maintenance!

Tell us about the process of consigning your bag with Style Theory? Was it easy or troublesome?

The process was really quick! I had a reply within 24 hours with some questions, and my bag was scheduled for collection within a few hours. Follow-ups were also prompt.

The pick-up was scheduled for the next day, and I didn’t even need to be at home! My mom was the one who handed it over to the courier. I felt comfortable handing my bag over as It came with a professional acknowledgement and delivery receipt to make sure that it was from Style Theory, too. The whole process felt very safe and professional.

Why did you choose to consign your bags with Style Theory?

For a long time, my bag was just sitting in my closet as it was an impulse buy and doesn’t suit my current lifestyle due to a change in jobs. After hearing about this consignment service, I did not hesitate to send my bag over for some passive income, or perhaps even sell it off. Plus, I’ve definitely freed up some space in my closet! 

Right now, I’m thinking of consigning other designer bags of mine! 


Inspired by Felicia’s consignment journey with Style Theory Bags? Join the renting revolution with her and give your bags a new lease of life!


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