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Tried and Trusted: Faz Gaffa Reviews The Style Theory Bags Subscription

Welcome to Tried and Trusted, a new series where our community shares their honest reviews and experience with our designer bags rental subscription plans.

In this instalment, the lovely Faz Gaffa writes about her experience with Style Theory Bags:

Name: Faz Gaffa Marsh, @fazgaffa
Age: 33
Occupation: Writer
Owns: 8 designer bags
Rented: 2 designer bags with Style Theory Bags

You own more designer bags than you’ve rented! Now that you’ve tried both, what’s the difference between buying and renting designer bags? 

When it comes to buying a bag, I do a lot more research online, and I’ll also ask opinions from my friend, who’s a designer bag connoisseur. And just like most people, I’ll want to see it in person for at least a few times to touch and feel it before I commit to a purchase.

Renting designer bags, on the other hand, is great. I love the idea of being able to try bags that I will never purchase. It’s super fun being able to try trendy and colourful bags that fit nothing more than my lipstick and iPhone, haha! An extra plus point? Renting bags doesn’t add clutter to your closet space like buying does.  


How do you maintain the bags you purchase?

I’m honestly not the best at maintaining them! Most of the designer bags I own tend to be bags that can stand some beating around, carrying 300 things at a go. 

What did you first look forward to when starting your renting journey with Style Theory?

I’ve never owned Prada or Loewe bags, so renting those bags was definitely first on my list. I wanted to rent bags that were much, much smaller than the usual bags I carry, and Style Theory has a wide inventory of classic, statement, and iconic bags in all sorts of patterns and colours for me to choose from! 


Tell us about your first unboxing experience!

When I got my first box delivered, I was in awe that it came so luxuriously packaged! It made me feel like I had actually dropped some dough on a designer bag. 

I tend to beat around my bags, but I had to be a bit more careful now with a rented bag, knowing that it was someone else’s. Well, that’s something I should be practising, anyway! 


What is one of your favourite features on our app?

Being Muslim, I love being able to filter away those bags with pigskin lining! It’s such a thoughtful and inclusive feature, and I really appreciate that. 

What do you love about renting?

I love that Style Theory gives me the option of trying out bags I love but would never buy for myself… for practical reasons. Renting also lets me try brands I would normally not bother with, like Loewe… but now that I’ve tried a Loewe Hammock, it’s the next bag on my buy list! 


Will you continue to rent with Style Theory?

Yes, especially for months when I know I’ll be out and about more. It’s super fun to pick your outfits according to the bags you have rented for the month, instead of vice versa. But, I definitely want to buy the Loewe Hammock!

Inspired by Faz’s journey with Style Theory Bags?Join the renting revolution with her to own less and access more!

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