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Tried and Trusted: Diyannah Reviews the Style Theory Bags Subscription

Welcome to Tried and Trusted, a new series where our community shares their honest reviews and experience with our designer bags rental subscription plans.

To start off the series, the uber-chic Diyannah shares more on her journey with Style Theory: 

Name: Diyannah, @diyannahsyfqh
Age: 28
Occupation: Architect
Subscribed since: July 2019
Owns: 6 designer bags
Rented: 3 designer bags with Style Theory Bags


You currently own 6 designer bags – you must be quite the designer bag aficionado! What are your “requirements” when it comes to shopping for designer bags? 

I love the excitement of opening up a brand new designer bag! The first question that will enter my mind when it comes to shopping for designer handbags is probably which brand I should choose. Instead of just hopping into one store, I prefer to do my research first before buying. It is important for me to do a search online about the kind of brands that are trending and of good quality. There are tons of forums and bag reviews available online, so I would be sure to check them out and see what brands stand out. Once I’ve settled on a bag that I like, I’ll make a trip down to the boutique.

I personally love to shop in-store. Every chance I get, I like to walk the floors of retail stores to get inspiration from new trends. There’s nothing quite like the buzz of a compelling store experience fueled by exciting, new, must-have styles.

With 6 bags, it must require some level of maintenance. How do you take care of them?

Here are some of the ways that I maintain my bags: 

  • I treat them carefully and retain their authenticity card so as to retain their value.
  • I make sure to stuff my bags with a pillow insert, and store them in their dust bags and original packaging so they will retain their shape. 
  • I try to avoid over-exposure to the sun, and store them in proper humidity conditions.

What do you love about renting?

Buying designer handbags can definitely take a toll on one’s bank account. While I would love to fill my closet with the most luxurious arm candies, it is just an addiction that’s too expensive to maintain.

The decision to invest in a designer bag is often a difficult one. With trends coming and going each season, choosing a bag that I will love and hold onto forever gets more complicated. 

Style Theory Bags is definitely a more sustainable option! I love the idea of trying before you buy without the burden of having to pay hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars. Finally, I can easily match my outfit with an arm candy for different occasions.


What is your favourite bag that you’ve rented so far?

Out of all that I’ve rented, I’ve had 2 top favourites! The first is definitely the Fendi Kan I Beige. I have always admired the way Fendi offers classic bags and shapes with a twist, and the new ‘F’ logo hardware is the perfect example of Fendi reinventing itself. 

From Style Theory Bags: Fendi Kan I English Rose

The Fendi Kan I has been on my wishlist for a bit now, and I’m currently obsessing over Fendi’s newest iteration, the Kan I F Bag. I love the whole line of Kan I F Bags, but I’ve got my eye on this mixed gold and silver hardware beauty. And when I browsed the Style Theory Bags collection, I knew I had to get myself subscribed to rent this bag!

This bag is super structured and holds its shape well no matter how much you stuff it. Though the size isn’t all that big, I loved the versatility of being able to carry the bag two ways: over the shoulder with the longer strap, or carried by hand with the top handle strap. Both straps are completely removable too. One of the downsides to this bag is that it’s a little bit hard to get in and out of, especially on the go. You really have to make sure the magnetic buckle is closed and secure. 

Overall, this is a bag I tried that I loved, and I would definitely consider adding it to my personal collection. 

My second favourite is the Saint Laurent Small Mica Box Bag Black. I remember the first time I saw this bag and I didn’t think much of it at all. I didn’t dislike it, but it just seemed too simple.

It’s a simple shoulder bag in a beautifully rounded box shape, and indeed, there’s beauty in the details. I love how Saint Laurent’s Mica bag silhouette echoes vintage hat boxes, and the black leather cross-body iteration has a distinctly rebellious tone thanks to the silver metal black leather strap. The circle crossbody bag certainly has the architectural appeal and sets it apart from the typical rectangular bags. Overall I would definitely rent this again, but not invest my money on this bag.

Each and every subscriber has their own way with our app. What are your favourite features about the Style Theory Bags app?

I personally find navigating the Style Theory app a breeze… but like any online shopping endeavour, especially rentals, it’s important to do your homework. 

I would start my search using the in-app smart filter, be it brands, colours sizes, or categories. I usually find myself wishlisting my dream bags through the night! 

Navigating the app without a sense of urgency is even better, because that’s when I discover designers, colours, and styles I never knew existed. 

For someone who was completely new to renting, what was your initial impression and experience with us? 

At first, I was skeptical about Style Theory Bags, mostly because this whole renting experience is new for me, as it is for many people out there. But I was surprisingly pleased. Adding an ‘it’ bag to my Style Theory Bags box felt exactly like online shopping (which I am very good at, haha!) – my box arrived safely as per the scheduled time, and everything from the reusable packaging to the dust bag inside felt thoughtfully arranged. For the most part, the condition of the bags matched my expectations, and I can’t express enough how much of a confidence boost it was returning the rented bag back with no consequences!

I love how I do not need to worry about home drop-offs and pick-ups as this is so convenient, especially for a busy bee like me. One of the cons, though, is timing. 

Timing is one of the most crucial aspects of renting your dream bag: You may fall in love with the latest Dior bag on a Monday, but Tuesday, you’d have to settle for a Gucci because that Dior just got rented by someone else. It would take another 6-7 weeks before it’s available for you to rent again!

I think it’d take a few tries to get the routine down. However, the rest of the experience is so seamless. 

In summary, will you continue to rent with Style Theory? And, from this experience, will you be purchasing any of the bags you rented? 

After four months of using Style Theory, I admit I’m more than satisfied with my experience. I’ve been constantly recommending it to my friends and coworkers that I’ve begun to sound like a walking ad! But honestly, the bags do most of the convincing. At this point, I wouldn’t consider purchasing any of the bags that I’ve rented as I’d want to try more seasonal and special occasion bags before I settle on the right one for me. 

My verdict: If you love what you see at Style Theory Bags (and especially if your current monthly shopping budget already falls at, or above, Style Theory’s monthly $129 subscription), I recommend giving Style Theory Bags a try. You get the fun of temporarily owning an ‘it’ bag without the commitment, closet space, nor investment you would need if you buy them instead. Thanks Style Theory!

Inspired by Diyannah’s journey with Style Theory Bags? Join the renting revolution with her to own less and access more!   Buying a designer bag can be a commitment. That’s why we recommend renting your favourite designer bags. Rent designer bags starting at S$99/mth.


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