Tried and Trusted: Atyy Reviews the Style Theory Bags Subscription

Name: Atyy Malek, @atyymalek
Age: 29
Occupation: Actress/Financial Consultant
Subscribed since: February 2020
Owns: 0 designer bags
Rented: 2 designer bags with Style Theory Bags

Welcome to Tried and Trusted, a new series where our community shares their honest reviews and experience with our designer bags rental subscription plans.

In this instalment, Atyy, @atyymalek, shares about her journey with Style Theory Bags:


What is your current habit when it comes to shopping for designer bags?

I always think thrice when it comes to buying designer bags. I’ve always wanted to own one but I’m afraid that it might not fit my personality even though I liked how nice and pretty it looks. 

Also, I tend to use my bags only a couple of times before moving on to something different and never look back. I’m a thinking spender. I overthink whenever I’m going to buy something that’s quite expensive. Sometimes, when I go out shopping with my friends and told myself that I’ll definitely buy the designer bag I’ve been eyeing on but… it never happened. 

How has a renting subscription changed your perception of owning designer bags?

It has completely changed my mind! As an actress, I always have to attend different events.. It’s easier for me to rent different styles for those events rather than buying them to suit different occasions and end up only using them once. Why should I buy a $5,000 bag when I can flaunt it at only $129? And, I get to choose whatever bag I want!


What are some of your favourite features from our app?

I love that the app is really easy to navigate around. I also like it features suggestions from different people in the community and their photos on how the bags are styled. It gives me a rough idea of how the bag might look on me because sometimes, it’s really hard to visualise when you shop online.

Many subscribers have been using this #StayHome period to rent experimental styles that they normally wouldn’t think of trying. How would you use your Bags subscription this period?

Hari Raya is coming but I don’t think we’re able to head out and do house visitings. Since I have quite a few sponsored Raya pieces, I’ll make full use of my Bags rental subscription and choose a bag to complete my whole look for the gram *wink!


What were your first impressions of Style Theory Bags?

It’s such a great platform for a Budget Barbie like myself who’s not willing to splurge big bucks on just a designer bag or even clothes. I had a few concerns before jumping into the renting bandwagon, especially on hygiene — whether or not the bags are sanitised because it’s rented by many other subscribers. But I’m so glad that all bags are in good and clean condition when I received them! 

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We love having you on this renting journey with us. Would you continue renting with Style Theory in the long run?

Of course! It’s life-changing, convenient, and it helps me to be financially savvy. I honestly don’t feel the need to purchase any designer bags anymore. If I really like one bag, I can always rent it again next time!

Inspired by Atyy’s journey with Style Theory Bags? Join the renting revolution with her to own less and access more!

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