Get Jet-Set Ready: How to Dress For Different Seasons

Travel season is finally here! The best part about going on a holiday is, of course, the trip itself! But before actually embarking on the trip abroad, you actually have to book your tickets, find accommodations, and–the most time consuming of all, pack. 

Don’t get me wrong, packing can be fun and therapeutic for some but the real struggle is packing what to wear. We often end up with unworn pieces that adds unnecessary weight and the last thing we want is to have an overweight baggage!

A pro-tip is to have your outfits for each day planned out before packing, that way you save space in your luggage and when on holiday you save time getting ready. 

We know there are multiple destinations so, here’s what you can rent that are suitable for both hot and cold seasons! Match them up with your own wardrobe and you’re ready to fly. 

Rent from the Infinite Wardrobe: Bridges Pants by Finders Keepers

Pants are one of the easiest items to pack in your luggage. It’s versatile and light, yet with some layering you can wear it for snowy adventures.  

Hot weather: Go for a light coloured cotton top to keep things breezy! Rent Marc Striped Twist Blouse by Friend of Audrey.

Cold weather: Pair it with a knitted sweater–preferably wool or cashmere to stay warm. If it’s gonna be below 10 °C, throw on a pair of long johns underneath to trap heat and stay warm. Rent Monica Top by Kurt Lyle.

Complete both looks with Gucci’s GG Supreme Tote

Rent from the Infinite Wardrobe: House of Sunny Topstitch Pencil Skirt 

Pencil skirts are flattering and can a great look for your travel #OOTDs. We recommend this topstitch pencil skirt for its pretty colour and versatile length. The slit in the front also adds more personality to the outfit!

Hot weather: Match it with a simple camisole or sleeveless top to brace the heat! Rent Denim Top With Contrast Stitching by Paisie. 

Nothing completes a look like a bag does, opt for a floral option like this Gucci Reversible Tote. 

Cold weather: Pair your skirt with a long sleeve turtleneck and a trench coat outerwear. You’ll stay warm while looking chic. Rent Ava Cold Shoulder Rollneck Sweater by Kitri and Motivations Trench by Cameo

Keep the look classy with Chanel’s grand shopping tote — great for travels and of course, shopping!

Rent from the Infinite Wardrobe: Mink Pink All Your Own Top

Try a white top to keep your look simple, or you can match it with something colourful that you already have. The adjustable waist strap makes it perfect for easy layering. 

Hot weather: Pair this with a striped shorts or skirt to add details and colour to your outfit–and if the weather cools, throw on a denim jacket. Rent Stripe Print Tie Detail Shorts by Lavish Alice and Wide Sleeve Denim Jacket by Whistles.

Keep up the look with Dior’s Book Tote in red. 

Cold weather: Opt for tops that go best with jeans to brave the cold. You can choose to add a subtle pop of colour with a beige jacket in fleece to keep yourself warm. Rent Process Jean by Cameo and Asymmetrical Tied Sleeve Jacket by Cistar

A structured leather tote would be ideal for the cold season, so try renting Dior’s Surrealism Book Tote in black.

Rent from the Infinite Wardrobe: Methodology Dapo Top Purple 

If you love a subtle play on colour, this top will be great pick for travels. It’s easy to have on a hot day but pair it with an inner piece or nice tweed jacket and you’re ready for the cold.

Hot weather: Keep your look light and simple – we recommend going for a striped pants to add depth, but a simple light blue pants will do the job as well! Rent Striped Peg Leg Trousers by Paisie.

Cold weather: Couple the bright top with a dark colour pants and outerwear to keep the look classy. Go for warmer materials like wool for your exterior coat and be sure to keep a layer of thermal underneath. Rent Walker Pants by Libertine-libertine and Tweed Fringed Mini Jacket by J.o.a.

Rock your looks with Celine’s Luggage Tote — spacious and travel friendly! A light colour for summer and darker colours for winter. 

Rent from the Infinite Wardrobe: Les Coyote De Paris Brune Blouse

It’s lightweight, doesn’t take up much space in the luggage, and boosts a fun print. This top is great for bringing colour and details to your wardrobe basics!

Hot weather: Beat the heat by matching this with a clean beige shorts! You’ll keep cool and look chic at the same time. Rent Knowing You Short by Cameo

Go for a bag with personality to take the look up a notch with Gucci’s GG Supreme Tote designed with contemporary embroidery. 

Cold weather: Dress smart; by layering, you’ll trap heat and keep your body warm. Pick up a beige pants or jacket to keep the look balanced. Remember the key to keeping warm is layering! Rent Pastime Pant by The Fifth Label and Knowing You Jacket by Cameo

To keep up with the prints, pick a monogram bag to complete the look. Try Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene.

Now that you have an idea of dressing for different seasons, try renting and match these pieces with your very own.

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