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This is How to Get The Most Out of Singles’ Day Without Draining Our Planet

Singles’ day is around the corner! If you haven’t heard of it yet, Singles’ Day is known as one of the biggest shopping events in the world. At first, it was an unofficial “Anti-Valentine” public holiday in China dedicated to singletons. Singles’ Day falls on 11.11 each year since the early ’90s and it had turned into a frenzy shopping event in 2009.

What originally is a day for single people to give themselves treats and gifts had morphed into the biggest online shopping event and also a disaster for our planet. People keep their eyes on their most wanted products at a slashed price on this day; sometimes mindless about whether it’s sustainable or not.

Now, let’s take a look at how Singles’ Day is a source of staggering environmental waste to our planet.

Fashion overconsumption haunts Earth’s well being  

Many retail industries seize Singles’ Day as an opportunity to skyrocket their product sales. We want to make sure that you won’t have regrets about impulse spending just because almost every product you want were at ridiculously cheap prices. The lifetime of those products usually are short and seasonal, so they will end up in landfill in no time. Every second, there is one truck full of clothes waste to be incinerated or sent to a landfill.

Data from UN Environment Programme shows that the fast fashion industry is the second leading water consumer and contributes around 8-10% of global carbon emissions. If this is not obscene enough, emissions from textile manufacturing were predicted to skyrocket by 60% by 2030 (source: UN Framework Convention on Climate Change)!

Fight your FOMO on Singles’ Day and choose sustainable fashion

We know, it’s not a walk in the park to let go of your dream items on those best deals sprees. You’ll probably get itchy to buy those pretty dresses when you see the 11.11 Singles’ Day big sale. But, don’t you want to be responsible and take part to save our planet (also better on your wallet)? We believe, of course, you want a healthier planet. So, let’s take a moment to look at it from an environmentally conscious lens.

1. The Art of Slowing Down
When the world is already fast-paced, take a step back or press pause before you start to make a financial decision (red: purchasing things you don’t really need or short lifespan cheap stuff). Slowing down before deciding to do spree shopping on Singles’ Day can save a lot more than your money. It might be your first step to building a healthier habit for your mind and our planet.

2. When Less is More
One of the reasons that push your impulse spending in “self reward” disguise might be negative emotions. We know, buying things you want can be your soothing mechanism, but you can decide to change that at any moment.

Try to picture it this way: You’re desperate to get out of this negative emotion rut, then you buy the stuff you won’t even wear or don’t have a clear purpose in your life. After those items are in your hand, then you start stressing about where to store them or their lack of quality made it to trash quickly. This might become a vicious cycle to collect clutter in your life that holds no value for you nor bring any joy in the long term.

Give yourself a reward without clutter by renting. Because, why buy poor quality and short lifetime clothes only for a season when you can have an Infinite Wardrobe that’ll always give you something new and trendy to wear?

This is how you can be kinder to our planet on Singles’ Day (and to yourself, too)

You always have the power to make kinder decisions for our planet, including the way you choose fashion items. Celebrating Singles’ day with clarity and mindfulness will not only benefit you, but also the future generation. This is our recommendation to be more sustainable on Singles’ Day.

Buy preloved or upcycled fashion

Who says preloved items are old fashioned? There are lots of designer pieces and preloved items out there for you to bring home. Instead of buying new clothes from fast fashion industries and contributing more waste to the land, you can give a new home to your preloved item fashion or upcycled ones.

Cut down your fashion consumption and try renting
Renting is the new cool! This option is definitely more environmentally friendly and better on your purse. Besides, you’ll experience hassle free and clutter free life when you start your renting journey. You can always have something new to wear and experiment with unlimited fashion styles straight from infinite Wardrobe. Treat yourself on this Singles’ Day by going on a date with yourself, travelling to new places, or even having fancy meals at home. Book your style from Infinite Wardrobe to impress yourself and give yourself a good vibe.

The way to a greener future might not be smooth and straightforward, but don’t you agree that we can stop to drain our planet by making wise decisions about the pieces we wear every day? Style Theory is here to make the transition to a greener and more mindful habit easier for you.

Skip buying new clothes this Singles’ Day and head to Style Theory to rent designer pieces from luxury & slow fashion brands instead!

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