The French Girl: Why does everyone want to be Parisian Chic?


Let’s agree on one thing–the idea of capturing that Parisian style and je ne sais quoi flair is easier said than done. It’s more to that than just tartines and coffee, Breton stripes and red wine. What makes the Parisian or La Parisienne is the few important components that you don’t have to be French to understand how they dress to look absolutely effortless:

1. She is not looking to put herself into a box or follow any of the rules. 

A Parisian is uninterested in following trends, but she allows a few in their lives by making the new trend her own by only wearing pieces that work well on her. She doesn’t dress and let fashion dictate what she should wear for a woman of a certain age or time of the day. She is confident in her sartorial decision and it shines through.

Try the Parisian way: Je ne sais quoi attitude + well-cut basics from the Infinite Wardrobe

Eclectic Styles Inspired by Sabina Socol

Credit: SABINA SOCOL in her apartment from @sabinasocol IG
From the Infinite Wardrobe: Magnetise Short Sleeved Dress by CAMEO
From the Infinite Wardrobe: Eloquence Floral Mini Dress by TALULAH
From the Infinite Wardrobe: Elise Pinafore Dotted Midi Dress by SIDE PARTY


2. She curates her wardrobe to look absolutely effortless.

A Parisian is never overdressed. She looks totally natural like she just tossed everything together in less than 20 minutes in the morning. She doesn’t wear outfits that are too sophisticated or that would make people think she put any effort into dressing up and dressing well. She’ll wear red lipstick, but very little make-up. Her hair colour will look natural. There has been much thought put into her outfit to achieve the effortlessness and she looks like she just woke up in the morning exactly the way when she leaves her house.

Try the Parisian way: Natural and sophisticated at the same time

Effortless Cool Styles Inspired by Daphné Moreau

Credit: Daphné Moreau exuding Parisian flair from @daphnemodeandthecityIG

From the Infinite Wardrobe: Candy Surprise Playsuit by ALANNAH HILL


3. She is never overdressed.

Unlike New York City’s fun and exciting fashion styles, French fashion is more about the understated. A Parisian’s dressing is never too flashy or sexy. She doesn’t wear form-fitting outfits, but you can still see the form of the body. She uses fashion to flatter her body and will only wear something that is adapted to her body type. She’s practical and will not wear something that does not fit her lifestyle.

Try the Parisian way: Sartorial confidence + Simple silhouettes + flat shoes (ballet shoes for comfort > tennis shoes)

Effortless & Feminine Styles Inspired by Louise Follain

Louise Follain
Credit: Louise Follain looking especially chic from @louisefollain IG
From the Infinite Wardrobe: Multicolour Striped Long Shawl Cardigan
by EQ:IQ
From the Infinite Wardrobe: Only One Blazer by KEEPSAKE
From the Infinite Wardrobe: Dusty Pink Lace Jacket by CHARM


Get inspired and add these girls and their effortless joie de vivre style to your Parisian style list! It’s true that you might have to go to the world’s end to perfect and look like you just threw everything together, but trust us, the result will be worth it.


Rent classic looks from the Infinite Wardrobe you’ve always thought of trying!


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